How to place an order on our website with your international credit card:

Please note that we are currently testing a new streamlined checkout page, so if your checkout page does not appear as described below, please contact us for further instructions; otherwise, simply follow the steps as outlined here:

  1. Select the product you'd like to purchase and click the "Add to Cart" button.
  2. Review your shopping cart. You will be able to edit quantities or remove products from there.
  3. Click on the green "Proceed to Secure Check Out" icon.
  4. You should now be on a page that says "Address." You will enter your shipping information in the billing field. For security reasons, we require that this kind of order ship to a person or business whose name, address, and phone number are listed in the phone book (or with directory assistance). Please let us know how the shipping information will be listed, including the listed name, address, and corresponding phone number. (Note: if shipping to a forwarding service, we must be able to confirm that you are a registered user of the account. We cannot ship to hotels, motels, or schools, unless the cardholder is a verifiable employee there.)
    Please follow these steps to enter your shipping address in the "Billing Address" field:
    • Write your name exactly as it appears on the credit card.
    • On the line that says, "optional," please put the name of the person or company who will accept your package. If you are having your order shipped to a freight forwarder, please include your account number, if applicable.
    • In the Address field, please enter the listed address and telephone number of this person or company (not your information here).
    • Be sure to enter your email to receive your order confirmation and tracking information.
    • Under "Shipping Address", please check “Same as billing address” even though it's not really your billing address.
  5. Click, "Next: Shipping & Payment."
  6. On the next step of the checkout, the "Payment" page, you will be asked to "Select Your Shipping Preferences." You can choose the type of shipping service you prefer. Standard Shipping usually arrives within one to six business days after your package leaves our facility.
  7. Beneath the shipping options, you'll find the payment options. Select the method that you wish to use, and fill out the requested information.
  8. Locate the link titled "Foreign Billed address" at the bottom left hand corner of the page and click on it to enter your actual billing information for your foreign billed credit card into the provided text field.
  9. Please include the following information in that Message box entitled "Foreign Billed Address":
    • Your name exactly as it appears on your credit card.
    • Complete billing address for the credit card (please include city, country, and any postal codes).
    • Complete billing phone (please include country and city codes).
    • Name of bank that issued the credit card.
    • Bank phone number that appears on reverse side of credit card.
  10. Then click, "Next: Review My Order."
  11. This will take you to the "Review & Submit" page. Look over the details of the order and confirm that the products and ship-to address are correct.
  12. 12. Click "Submit My Order."
    • Don't forget to make note of your Crutchfield order number.

Additional processing considerations may apply. Here's a link to our contact info and hours of operation if you require additional assistance.