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The Sonos Move is a first for Sonos: battery-powered and portable. On your home network, it works just like any other Sonos product, and you can use it with your whole-house music system. Out of range, you can play music like any Bluetooth speaker and take advantage of great Sonos sound quality.

During a recent training day, we installed an Alpline Powered System Upgrade in an employee's Honda Civic. The vehicle-specific mounting bracket and wiring was a big help. Read the full story.

The Pioneer SPH-10BT smartphone receiver turns your phone into a touchscreen display. We tested a few features to see how well the stereo and Pioneer's Smart Sync app work together to create the full touchscreen stereo experience.

Somewhat paradoxically, TVs have gotten both thinner and more complex over the years. We took our TV expert to our repair & returns center to take apart a 4K TV set and see how manufacturers can fit so much processing power and picture quality into such a thin package.

The secret to the Klipsch sound is their Tractrix horn-loaded tweeter. It reproduces high frequencies with great clarity and accuracy, and combined with their stunning copper-spun woofers, Klipsch Reference speakers can fill your listening room or home theater with beautiful sound.

Charlie has played music most of his life, and his home audio system reflects that experience. He gives us some history behind how he assembled his system, plus reflects upon his Crutchfield tenure in this video.

Behind the scenes at Kenwood
by Dave Delamere

Crutchfield had the opportunity to chat with Kenwoods General Manager of Product Research and Development, Rick Noetzli. He provided some great insight about Kenwoods philosophy in creating outstanding mobile audio gear.

The Pro-Ject Debut Carbon turntable not only looks great, but it represents a big step up in build quality and sound from an entry-level turntable. Its carbon-fiber tonearm, heavy steel platter, and motor suspension help deliver impressive sonic performance.

Klipsch gives you an all-in-one stereo audio system with their R-51PM and R-41PM powered monitors. They feature Bluetooth for streaming, and have a ton of connections for your other gear. There's even a built-in phono preamp for connecting a turntable.

eero Wi-Fi systems are quickly becoming a customer favorite due to their ease of setup and strong mesh network. Mesh networks do a much better job of extending fast Wi-Fi to different parts of your home than traditional routers and repeaters, and eero has created a simplified setup.

The Bose L1 PA system is well known for its unique design and ease of use. But we wanted to see what a musician thought about the sound quality. So we called Richmond-area musician Erin Lunsford to try it out at a gig. Watch the video and read what she said about the L1's performance.

We got our hands on a display model of the Memphis Audio VIV1422 SixFive Series subwoofer. The cross-cut view lets us see exactly why this powerful sub can play so loud and still sound good.

A Crutchfield Advisor offers a hands-on evaluation of Pioneer's DMH-C2550NEX and DMH-C550NEX modular digital media receivers, which feature separate display and chassis units so they can be mounted in dashboards that don't offer much depth.

Panamax makes products that are the unsung heroes of your home theater or stereo setup. The MR4000 is a power line conditioner and surge protector, which not only protects against power spikes such as lightning, but also cleans up the dirty power coming out of your wall outlets.

The JBL PartyBox is a big, loud Bluetooth speaker that'll absolutely rock your next house party. It gives you big sound with huge, room-shaking bass. And to top it off, each PartyBox features a built-in light show that'll take your party to the next level.

Yamaha's Aventage line of home theater receivers offer you lots of different ways to power the home theater and music speakers in your home. They give you plenty of channels, power, and wireless capability, and we've always been fans of how Yamaha's stuff sounds.

Pioneer TS-A speakers are an awesome way to make music sound better in your car. They're efficient enough to run off factory power, and they can handle plenty of power when you decide to add amplifiers down the road.

Spare tire subwoofers are a new solution for adding more bass to your car. One of our car audio buyers was so impressed that he installed one in his minivan.

Kicker CS car speakers give you a huge upgrade over your factory speakers at a great price. They are built to last and will make an instant difference in sound quality.

Sony designed their XMS400D car amplifier to fit where others won't. It's small enough to fit behind the dash in many vehicles, and powerful enough to add some serious juice to your speakers.

Sony's NW-A45 Walkman lets you take your high-res music files everywhere. It plays FLAC, WAV, DSD, and MQA files, and your can expand the onboard storage with a microSD card so you'll never run out of sweet-sounding tunes.

JR and Steve discuss the 2018 line of Samsung QLED TVs in this video. These 4K TVs keep getting better every year, and our experts explain Quantum dot technology, differences in backlighting, and other features found in these TVs.

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