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Presenting Music Education Solutions from Crutchfield and PreSonus
Attention music teachers and students: Learn how technology can help you teach better and learn faster

How to use PreSonus products in the classroom, at home, and in performance venues

These video tutorials are just a small sample of the resources PreSonus provides to help you get the most from your investment. Visit to see the complete portfolio of lesson plans, tutorials, courses, and methods available to teachers and students.

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Band/Choir room recording

This package is perfect for recording group rehearsals. Instantly replay your takes to help your ensemble learn by listening. When your students hear themselves nail a challenging part, their confidence will soar! Rehearsals become much more fun and productive.

It’s easy to set up and operate the PreSonus AudioBox Stereo recording hardware and the included Studio One recording software. The microphones capture a rich stereo soundscape, which the group will hear clearly on the Eris studio monitor speakers. You also get cables, headphones, and a mic stand.


Student practice

The PreSonus® Music Creation Suite recording kit is a complete solution for classrooms, school music labs, and home practice studios. The tools built into the included Studio One recording software help evolving musicians get the most from their practice time. PreSonus provides lessons on how to play in tune and in time, how to compose music, and much more. See the entire curriculum.

The package includes an AudioBox USB interface, the recording software, Notion music-notation and composition software, a USB MIDI keyboard, headphones, a microphone, and more.


Live sound and performance recording

Please contact us for expert help designing a live sound system that’s perfect for the size of your auditorium and your ensembles.

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Crutchfield Advisor Cory
Crutchfield Advisor Cory

For 10 years before joining Crutchfield, Cory taught audio engineering, live sound production, and digital music creation to middle- and high-school students at Charlottesville's Music Resource Center and at the local technical education center. He's eager to share his experience and help music teachers and students choose the right gear for their classrooms and practice spaces.

Fundraising and fan cultivation


Nimbit is a service lets you easily upload and share music with families, promote your music programs, and raise funds. Because Nimbit is integrated with Studio One recording software, you can easily upload your concert recordings and sell downloads online. You can also sell merchandise and concert tickets.

With Nimbit, you can securely accept credit cards and PayPal for donations and purchases. Manage email campaigns and social media outreach. No more CD burning or door-to-door candy bar sales! Watch this video and try the interactive demo below to see how it’s done.