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Do you play "stump the GPS"?

I edit the home A/V and pro audio articles on It's a cool gig for a guy who's been seriously into audio since way before 1974. I started buying records, guitars, and gear with the money I made mowing lawns and delivering newspapers. Now the way I earn my money has changed for the better, but where it goes hasn't changed too much. Just give me the proverbial three chords and the truth. I'll do my best to help you feel it, too.

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Point of interest.

While looking over the customer reviews for one of our best-selling portable navigation units, I stumbled across this amusing submission:

"My husband got a kick out of taking wrong turns to see if the GPS caught his 'mistakes.' Each time it did within seconds. I got sick of it myself and hopefully he's outgrown that game. ..."

Of course, you should verify that your new toy works properly and can get you back on track after a wrong or missed turn. But at some point, you've got to start trusting it, right? Or ask it to find you a therapist.

Seriously, though. This game is a good idea, up to point. What have you learned by trying to "stump" your GPS navigation device?   


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