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I hit the Crutchfield jackpot with my PSB Image T6 speakers!

During his tenure as a Crutchfield staff writer, Marshall Chase wrote about home theater receivers, sound bars, and in-wall and in-ceiling speakers.

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Sometimes you just get lucky.

PSB Founder Paul Barton stopped by Crutchfield recently to demo PSB speakers. Afterwords, a company-wide drawing was held and I landed a pair of PSB Image T6 speakers used in the training sessions!

Now, I've heard many great speakers before. And I've heard many great stories before about engineering and construction. But the test of a speaker is how it actually sounds. I would not call myself an audiophile, but rather a music enthusiast. To me, what's important is whether I can close my eyes and let my ears lead me to the musicians. If I can feel them standing there, I've found something special.Few speakers pass that test. The PSB T6 did with flying colors. It didn't hurt that theT6 speakers were being driven by an NAD C 375BEE amplifier and the music was played through an NAD C 565BEE CD player.

There was one particular demo that nailed it down for me. This was a live performance by k.d. lang. I think that the human voice is the toughest instrument to reproduce, and k.d. lang's nuanced and subtle delivery even more so. To hear this singer with all of the richness of tone and emotion pouring through was a gift. I didn't want the demo to end. I wanted to take it home and never knew I'd actually get the chance!

But I did. When I found out I had won, I was in shock. While I was still wondering if I could fit them in the back of my Honda, people began asking me how I was going to hook them up.

Good question. I drove away with my ingeniously-packed speakers thinking about the older, entry level receiver that I have and wondered if it would be up to the task of driving my new T6's.

Fortunately, I didn't have to find out. Crutchfield has a very nice lending library so we can experience the gear first-hand. I was able to borrow the NAD C 375BEE amplifier and NAD C 565BEE CD player from the training sessions.

Accurate sound reproduction is critical to me because it brings artists past and present more fully alive. Based on what I heard in training, I expect to get that kind of experience at home. Over the next month I'll be putting this system through its paces, trying out various kinds of music and reporting back on what the system did well — and what it didn't.

Please join me on this month-long journey as I check out my new PSB Image T6's and crank up the tunes.

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