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Video: Logitech® Squeezebox™ Duet Wireless Digital Music Player

Chris Egner is a former writer for Crutchfield. She concentrated on point-and-shoot cameras and speakers while she worked here.

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Ralph Graves is one of Crutchfield's blog editors, and part of the company's social media team. He writes about home audio/video gear, specializing in Apple-related and wireless technologies. Ralph holds a master's degree in music composition, and his works have been released on various labels. He's served as product manager for an independent classical and world music label, produced several recordings, and worked extensively in public broadcasting. Since 1984 he's hosted a weekly classical music program on WTJU, and is also active as a blogger and podcaster.

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In this short video, Chris and Ralph will give you a quick tour of the popular Logitech® Squeezebox™ Duet, a wireless digital music player that lets you listen to music stored on your PC from any room in your home.

Video Transcript

Ralph: Hi, I'm Ralph.

Chris: And I'm Chris. And we're here in the Crutchfield studio to show you the Logitech Squeezebox Duet. This is a really neat system.

Ralph: It is. And it addresses a problem that I have, and I suspect a lot of other people have, too. I have a lot of music stored on my computer, but my computer is in the den. My sound system — my really good sound system — is in the living room.

Chris: And that's where you want to listen to music, with your family.

Ralph: Exactly.

Chris: So here's your problem solved. All you do is download the free software from Logitech. You hook this tiny receiver up to your —

Ralph: My good sound system.

Chris: Your good sound system in the living room. And use this controller to control your music from the couch or any other room in your house.

Ralph: Now, this connects to my computer via...?

Chris: Through a Wi-Fi connection, so it's all wireless. What it does, is it automatically reads — as soon as you hook everything up and download the software — it finds your songs that are on your computer.

Ralph: One of the things that I like about this is it not only accesses the music that's on my computer, but also anything else that my computer can access over the Internet.

Chris: Right. Internet radio stations or online music services like Pandora and Rhapsody. Really great.

Ralph: Right.

Chris: This controller is so cool. It's got a great big screen that's backlit, and a scroll-wheel that's really intuitive. You can select songs to add to your favorites. You can search for songs. It also displays album art.

Ralph: Right. Basically, the information that you would see on your computer if you were playing music.

Chris: Exactly. Exactly. But this way, it's in the palm of your hand.

Ralph: Oh, I like that.

Chris: You can really easily expand this system, too, if you want to get another little receiver. They come separately, and you can hook it up to a table radio or any other powered speaker in your house. And you can also get extra controllers. They work with the Squeezebox Classic as well, and also the Transporter — the high-end system.

Ralph: Nice.

Chris: So pretty soon, you have them all over your house.

Ralph: Wonderful. And there you have it — the Logitech Squeezebox Duet.

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