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Video: Sound Bar Demo: Polk Audio Surroundbar® 3000

Some of our articles are written by people outside of our usual writing team. They're typically Crutchfield employees in other departments, but we'll sometimes feature articles written by folks from outside the company as well.

J.R. listens to a sound bar demo at Crutchfield and picks out his favorite one — the Polk Audio Surroundbar® 3000.

Video Transcript

J.R.: So as we do sometimes here at Crutchfield, we have some stuff set up to listen to for all of our advisers. And what we've got is four sound bars. Four different types and styles and brands of sound bar. And we've got them connected with the TV and receiver and Blu-ray player. And so I got to try each one of these, and after pretty good listening with each one, spending some time, I really like the Polk.

And the main reason for that was simple: the sound quality. I mean the music sounded amazing. Instruments sounded true and honest. The subwoofer was there, but it wasn't too much there. You know, it wasn't just bass for bass's sake. It was actual, you know, you could hear the bass guitar and things like that when I was listening to some songs. Vocals and dialogue in a movie and TV sounded nice, natural, and clear. I really like this.

It's also, with the wireless subwoofer, one of the easiest ones to hook up because you literally just plug this into the wall, you plug it into the TV, you plug the subwoofer into the wall. So overall that's my favorite — the Polk Surroundbar® 3000.

So if you'd like help picking out the right sound bar for you, go ahead and give us a call. Or you can email us or you can chat with us online.

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