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Video: Nikon D3000 Digital SLR

Julie Govan is the Brand Manager at Crutchfield, and has been writing about consumer electronics since 1999. Her areas of expertise include home theater, surround sound, digital cameras, and HDTV. In her spare time, she also writes book reviews and fiction. She earned a B.A. in English from Davidson College, and went on to receive a master's degree in English literature from the University of Virginia.

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Tara W. has worked for Crutchfield since 2004. She writes about whole-house music and video gear, and works on Crutchfield's video team.

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See Nikon's beginner-friendly D3000 in action. Julie and Tara demo some of its coolest features in this short video.

Video Transcript

Tara: This is Nikon's D3000, and it's a great first SLR camera for people because it's really easy to use, and it's really small and light compared to other SLRs.

Julie: And like any SLR it responds pretty much instantly to the push of the shutter button. And it also has the technology to let you take more professional looking photos. For example, if you're snapping a portrait of someone, they will be in focus but the background can be blurred.

Tara: What makes the D3000 different is that it's built to ease you into SLR shooting. It has a guide mode that asks you how you want a picture to look and then tells you how to accomplish that.

Julie: That's really nice because nobody wants to walk around with the owner's manual in their hand all the time. But it is important to remember that this camera is not just for beginners. It's also packed with everything an experienced user would need.

Tara: This camera gives you fully automatic and fully manual shooting and along with eleven point auto-focus. It also has something called 3D Autofocus, and that's mainly found on Nikon's higher-end models. What it does is track your subject and keep them clearly in focus even if they're moving across the screen.

Julie: The D3000 also has a nice feature — a self cleaning sensor. And that along with a new air flow system helps keep the inside of the camera clear of dust and other particles. Now the Nikon D3000 can come as part of either a one lens kit or a two lens kit. Both kits include the 18-55mm vibration reduction lens which is the one you can see right here.

Tara: The two lens kit has the 55-200mm vibration reduction lens, and that's going to get you a lot closer to your subject.

Julie: You can learn more online about either kit at, or you can always call us.

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