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Into car audio and home audio/video for more than 25 years and counting.

Tech I'm excited about:

4K video and Hi-Res audio

Favorite music:

Classic Rock and Jazz

Favorite getaway spot:

Beautiful Smith Mountain Lake in Va

Favorite teams:

Washington Nationals and University of Va baseball and basketball


  • JL Audio Certified

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What customers say about Bryce

Bryce is excellent!!! A great asset to Crutchfield!!

Larry, December 20

Bryce helped me navigate all the choices out there to make the best possible decision for my purchase. I had done a lot of my own research on 4K TVs, but I still had a million questions and Bryce patiently answered all of them.

Irfan, December 8

He was very nice and knowledgeable to deal with. Crutchfield is a great company.

Terry, December 7

Bryce was an absolute ROCKSTAR at helping me select a home theater system - thanks a ton!

Mike, December 6

Bryce is the man.. He was very helpful with all the questions I had, and did not B.S. me.. If he did not know the answer to any of my questions he said he would get back to me and he did!!! I will always buy from you guys had a great experience talking with Bryce. HE was actually excited when I told him what car the equipment was going in.. I told him to be on the look out for anything else I might like and to give me a call if he comes across something. Right on Bryce!

joseph, November 1

I have made several purchases with Bryce over the years and it is always a very informative session. He is MOST DEF one of the best agents on the Team!

James S, November 1

Bryce was amazingly helpful - he demystified the entire process of doing this myself, and gave me the confidence I needed to do the job. I saved literally thousands of dollars because of his help, and I also have some new knowledge I didn't have before. Thanks Bryce! You and the entire Crutchfield process have been a shining example of what customer service is really all about - I plan to use this experience as a case study for improving my own business.

Shiloh, October 13

Called in to see if I could upgrade my current radio without putting together a new harness. Bryce was very helpful instructing me on similar products. Thanks Bryce!

Gio, August 16

Extremely knowledgeable, friendly, easy to do business with. I'll be back.

Mike, August 14

Best representative I've ever experienced via chat. Incredibly helpful and quickly found what I needed within my budget. Bryce really knows his stuff when it comes to brands and quality! I've never felt more confident making a purchase and picking the right choices.

Randy, August 9

Bryce was wonderful and so very helpful when finding the right equipment for my friends car. He not only helped me find the correct speakers, but was able to give me concrete answers about why the speakers I wanted to buy would not fit due to a depth issue. He then helped me understand the best way to utilize the factory amplifier and gave me an overview on which style tweeters would suit my friend the best. Bryce's knowledge and attention to detail in providing concrete, measurable answers was awesome and it doesn't go unappreciated. Thank you, Bryce!

John M, August 8

Thanks much Bryce: What can I say, what all others have already said. He is pro, he knows his products and will chat with you in a friendly way and answer and advise you for what products that you have question of. I have came back to Cruthfield for many of years and for the price and fast delivery you CAN'T BEAT IT.

Earl, July 5

Thank you Bryce, you were right, the Peachtree Nova 65 SE was a perfect match for my JBL S 530's, it does drive them with authority and then some.. Oh and that sweet DAC, OH man: I HAVE NEVER HEARD STREMED MUSIC SOUND SOO SWEET. !!! Thanks a bunch.

paul , June 23

Did an excellent job in spite of the computer glitches that kept on disconnecting us. Appreciate his efforts to find me the right product.

Patrick, May 22

I appreciated how quickly Bryce narrowed down choices and made sure I got the accessories I needed.

Brad, December 18

In an age where customer service has become an oxymoron Bryce is Service Champion. Kind, thoughtful, knowledgeable and the reason I keep coming back to Crutchfield.

Philip, December 17

Bryce was really helpful. Quick and powerful information. Its like everything was stored right there in his brain. Best Customer Service ever!

Chris, October 8

Bryce was very accurate, straight to the point and knowledgeable with what he was saying. He was also very understanding to my needs and wants.

jaime, October 4

Bryce is the guy to talk to. Very calm, very patient, very professional and you really feel that he knows what he is talking about. Highly recommended advisor.

Leo, September 28

Bryce was very friendly and helpful. His help was greatly appreciated.

Michael Guice , September 8

I was shopping for a new car stereo to fit into my old 1999 Grand Prix. There were specific features I wanted- bluetooth, usb, xm, etc. I kind of knew where I wanted to be based upon my research on the website, but Bryce made sure I had all the extra parts to make it work flawlessly. He was extremely helpful, made sure i had everything i needed, and didn't try to up-sell at all. After a couple calls to tech support, I was up and running. Because of people like Bryce, and the tech support staff i worked with, I will not be buying my electronics from and other place. Crutchfield has earned a customer for life!

Kevin C., August 3

Bryce was extremely helpful in helping me decide on a head unit for my 2007 Ford Fusion. I had several prerequisites that I needed to have met. Those being Double-Din, Bluetooth Audio Streaming, with 6 Pre-Amps out. Without skipping a beat, Bryce was able to show me EXACTLY what I was looking for, that being the Kenwood DPX500BT. I will always recommend Crutchfield to my friends and family. The wealth of knowledge these agents have is invaluable Bryce in particular. As always Crutchfield prices are extremely competitive. Sure you might be able to find the same product for a few dollars cheaper elsewhere, HOWEVER factor in the free wiring harness, car kit, antenna adapter, and lifetime tech support, and every other retailer falls short. Crutchfield for life.

Marcus, May 7

Great experience in the past, and with making this order. The Team know their stuff. Bryce was friendly and professional. I could have gone a bit cheaper but I trust working with this company. Thank you.

Gary M, February 18

A very helpful advisor from Crutchfield. He answered all my questions with very detailed answers that makes it easy to understand. He did a fantastic job with helping me and is very knowledgeable in the field. Thanks for all your help Bryce.

Joshua Dadabbo, January 30

Thank you Bryce for all your advice,you help me make a decision on the pioneer fh-p8000bt, my decision was really based off your knowledge. Anything i need from Crutchfield you are my advisor. Thanks once again, Ed ONeil

Edward F ONeil, August 13

Bryce, Thank you very much for your assistance with selecting a USA Spec IPOD adapter for my 2006 Toyota Tacoma. The installation instructions were perfect, and it works great. Thanks for all your help. Glenn

Glenn Jimenez, July 19

Thanks for your help. Your product knowledge is extensive and your willingness to offer a cost-effective solution for my outdoor sound system is equally appreciated.

Chris, June 23

I recently spoke to Bryce over the phone with questions about the Yamaha 665 receiver and compatibility with other accessories. His responses were very helpful and insightful and he showed great patience with my extreme lack of knowledge in the area of electronics. Thanks Bryce

Greg, May 27

Bryce is a knowledgeable gentleman and very helpful, willing to take his time with you and deal with your personal concerns. He also has a lot of helpful advice that helps a lot in making your choice of components to suit your personal needs.

Mountian Preacher, March 25