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Happy Pets = Happy People

For over 40 years, we've helped our customers use technology to enhance their lives.

With Crutchfield Unleashed, we've hand-picked a collection of pet technology solutions to do the same for dogs and cats. From activity monitors to ball launchers and more, these products can enhance your pet's quality of life by keeping them safe, healthy, and happy. Our mission is simple – make pet ownership easier so you and your pet enjoy a long, happy life together.

Solutions designed by our paws-on research team

Sophia and her PetKit Fit P2 activity monitor
For Sophia

A young dachshund on her way to a more fit lifestyle

PetKit Bundle

Pet Weight Management Bundle

PetKit Fit P2 activity monitor + PetKit Fresh digital smart bowl

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Pablo and the Bolt laser toy
For Pablo

A growing kitten with tons of energy

New Cat Bundle

New Cat Fun and Relaxation Bundle

Pet Tunes Feline Bluetooth® speaker and Bolt laser toy

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For Appa

A sweet Great Pyrenees mix with anxiety issues

Pet Acoustics Bundle

Pet Acoustics Jingle Tunes Dog Bundle

Bluetooth® speaker with original holiday music to calm dog anxiety

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Our Crutchfield pet community

We're committed to helping animals in our community, and we support causes like our local SPCA's BowWOW walk. We like to make life easier for the dog owners who work at Crutchfield, too, so dogs are welcome at work. Our on-site dog park helps dogs and their humans get exercise and enjoy time with other canine co-workers.

SPCA "Care-A-Van"

Our love of animals goes beyond our building. Lots of our people have adopted pets from our local no-kill shelter, the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA.

Scheline, who heads up our Pet Tech program, coordinated a donation of Pet Tech products to the CASPCA to help animals adjust to their new environment. And we were all proud of our donation to help fund the CASPCA “Care-A-Van,” a mobile unit that does vet clinics and adoption events across our community. It even traveled to Houston and Atlanta to transport pets here in order to clear shelters for animals displaced by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

The SPCA Care-A-Van