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LG at Crutchfield


OLED stands for Organic Light-Emitting Diode. It’s not a variation of the typical LCD TV screen, but a fundamentally different technology. OLED is unique in its ability to produce perfectly pure blacks, which also enable stunning picture contrast and colors that explode off the screen. And these TVs are available with curved or flat screens.

OLED doesn’t need a backlight because each individual sub-pixel creates its own illumination, and can turn completely off if necessary to produce absolute black. That level of precision has never been possible before.

These screens provide another big benefit: they maintain their superb color and contrast even for viewers who are sitting off to the sides. And that’s great because when you have a picture this awesome, you’ll want to share it with as many people as possible.

4K Ultra HD TVs

LG’s 4K TVs have pictures that look mighty fine. Each set’s 8+ million pixels can display four times the detail of 1080p HDTVs. You'll notice incredible picture detail and depth when watching movies, sports, and TV shows. In general, 4K TVs offer better-than-average off-axis picture quality, and LG's models are especially impressive in this regard. The reason is LG's IPS panel technology, which keeps picture contrast and color looking crisp even as you move around to the sides of the screen.

Smart TV

LG’s Smart TV built-in web apps give you instant access to a nearly limitless selection of entertainment — streamed video from services like Netflix, YouTube®, and Hulu®. The colorful webOS user interface lets you customize your home screen to access the apps you use most, and easily switch between them. Some LG TVs are Netflix Recommended TVs, which means they passed a rigorous evaluation process based on feedback from Netflix subscribers. Expect easier and faster access to Netflix, with quicker playback and start times.