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Sonos: The Home Sound System

The Smart Speaker for Music Lovers

Sonos One blends great sound with Amazon Alexa, the easy-to-use voice service, for hands-free control of your music and more. Use your voice to play songs while you cook. Tell Alexa to turn the volume up while you're in the shower. You can even request a lullaby, out loud, when you're tucking in the kids.

The Right Speaker for Any Room

Start small or go big. There's a Sonos speaker that will fit any room in your home.

Sonos One


Play and control your music, hands-free. Just ask

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Sonos Play:1


A compact speaker you can fit almost anywhere

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Sonos Play:3


Fill medium-sized rooms with HiFi sound

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Sonos Play:5


Fill bigger rooms with pure, deep HiFi sound

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Home Theater for Music Lovers

Enjoy home theater sound for TV, movies, and music with both 3.1- and 5.1-channel options.


The TV sound bar for music lovers

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Get spacious sound from this slim TV platform

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Fill any room with deep bass sound

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Stream with audio gear you already own

Sonos Connect


Turn your existing system into a Sonos system

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Sonos Connect:Amp


Turn your speakers into a Sonos system

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The Home Sound System

Easy Setup Lifestyle

Easy setup.

No wires or complicated programming. Just tap the Sonos app and it does the rest.

Wifi not Bluetooth Lifestyle

WiFi, not Bluetooth.

Sonos streams music from your WiFi network instead of your phone, without interruptions from calls, texts or push notifications.

Every Room Lifestyle

Any song, any room

Play different tunes in different rooms at the same time. Or share one song, in perfect sync, all through the house.

Software Updates Lifestyle

The longer you own it, the better it gets.

Your Sonos system keeps getting smarter with every software update. New services get added, new features introduced. Simply put, the Sonos speaker you buy today will be even more incredible tomorrow.