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Noise-Isolating Headphones Help Video Recording

J.R. has been at Crutchfield since 1996. He's been helping customers buy the right products from us for many years, and now he supervises and trains our Advisor Group. He worked as a D.J. on our local rock n' roll radio station, does video production on the side, and plays drums in a band called Ice House Road.

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I used to be a disc jockey at a local rock radio station here in Charlottesville, Virginia. The headphones of choice for many DJs on a budget were the Sony MDR-V600. These were big, loud, rock and roll headphones. Their large vinyl ear cups did a pretty good job of making a seal around my ear, blocking out external noise. I still use these in my office at home (I no longer work at the radio station).

As much as I still love my big Sony headphones, I've really grown to appreciate the new small, noise isolating in-ear headphones. I recently got a pair of the new Klipsch® Custom-1s. I had been using just a standard $8 pair of earbuds with my camcorder until I realized that the sound isolation of the Custom-1s would actually help me achieve better sound quality when recording video.

And I do a lot of video recording. Here at Crutchfield I shoot many of the training sessions we have. I also take a lot of video of my family and my band. The Custom-1s isolate external noise, so I can hear just what's coming over the microphone. I can tell exactly what the end result is going to sound like.

Inexpensive ear buds actually hurt my ears after wearing them for just 10 minutes or so. With the Klipsch Custom-1s, I can record for hours without even wanting to take them out. The wire clips do a fantastic job of keeping the earbuds firmly and comfortably in place. And that's good. Because as I said, I shoot a lot of video.

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