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An iPod dock transforms a baby's room

I've been a camera nut all my life, so it makes sense I'd end up being a video producer. Of course, it has been a roundabout journey for me, as I started at Crutchfield in 2007 writing about car audio gear. Over the years I've learned about all the electronic items we sell, and it is my job to make sure we are making videos that you will find useful, whether you're shopping for something specific or trying to install some new gear yourself. My job is a lot of fun because I get to play around with all the cool stuff you see on our website while I'm making videos about it. Getting hands-on with the gear helps me see what I should show you about a product, though the flip side is my personal wish list is a mile long...

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Since babies go from an environment of fairly loud, constant noise to one of relative quiet when they're born, it's no surprise that they respond well to music being played. My little daughter, for example, seems to like the strumming of a guitar. Since I can't very well sit in her room and strum all night long, a music player made the most sense.

But here's the problem - I haven't owned a boombox or portable player of any kind in years. I listen to my car stereo, or connect iTunes to my home stereo. Fortunately, my wife has an iPod, so the choice became clear: an iPod dock.

Boston Acoustics Horizon i-DS2
The i-DS2 fits well in a baby's room.

I knew I wanted a dock that was small enough to fit amongst my daughter's toys, diapers, and other baby gear, but also powerful enough to take downstairs when people came over. After doing my research I settled upon a dock from a trusted name: the Boston Acoustics Horizon i-DS2. It's about the size of a loaf of bread, and I have a history with Boston Acoustics - I have their S95 6x9s in the rear deck of my car, and S65RC 6-1/2s in the front door. I love them. So I figured, hey, this iPod dock has got to sound good.

And indeed, it sounds good. Really good. The bass response is great, thanks to a port on the backside of the dock. I keep the EQ flat on the iPod, and the dock sounds fantastic at that setting, though I plan to try edging up the highs slightly. And it's 15 watts RMSx2, plenty loud enough for more grownup applications.

Boston Acoustics Horizon i-DS2
The i-DS2 is small, but powerful - it can fill your living room with sound when the baby's not using it.

The rest you probably know how to do - make a baby playlist, sync the iPod, pop it in the dock. One tip, though - don't put it too close to your baby monitor, or you defeat its purpose entirely.

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