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Internet Radio Station Review: GotRadio World

The Internet has made the world seem smaller in many respects. It's helped popularize a great deal of music that would have been difficult to access otherwise. My problem is that I like listening to so many different genres for brief stretches of time so I flip through global stations like a black jack dealer through cards. To help me with this compulsion, I went looking for something that offered variety.

I found it on GotRadio World.

GotRadio World is one of many stations I heard from, a site that boasts a ton of free Internet radio stations. I listened to GotRadio World for several hours and found music from a lot of places.Some of the artists I listened to are well-known globally, like Mercedes Sosa and Sinead O'Connor. But I also heard many more artists who may be famous in their own part of the world, but here in the States, not so much.

Many of the tracks seemed to be sung in the English and the Romance languages, and there was a nice variety of African music. I didn't hear much from Eastern Europe, Asia or the Middle East, however. But I DID hear a cool band called Baka Beyond, which describes itself accurately as having "African rhythm and Celtic soul". 

My guess is that if I listened long enough I probably would have heard music from everywhere at some point. It reminded me of the old adage that if you "stand in Times Square long enough, everyone you've ever met will pass by you."  I find such a concept deeply compelling — especially in the context of radio listening.

GotRadio World streams at 128k, which delivers pretty good quality audio. The station sounds clean as can be with excellent channel separation, even on a modest pair of headphones plugged in a computer. I didn't experience any drops or bumps in the signal during the times I listened.

I wish I could be a world traveler, but since that's not in the cards for the moment. In the meantime, I can delight in the fact that I can sample music from all over with GotRadio World.

How To Listen:

Accessible through most wireless music players

Website:  GotRadio-World

iTunes: In the iTunes Radio menu, the station's listed in the International/World folder GotRadio- World.

There's also a free smart phone app for the station available from Liquid Air Labs

For iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch®

(There doesn't seem to be a compatible app for Windows®- or Android-based smart phones and PDAs at this time.)

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