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Klipsch AW-650 outdoor speakers make a deck magnetic

Chris Egner is a former writer for Crutchfield. She concentrated on point-and-shoot cameras and speakers while she worked here.

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I love it when my friends buy new gear and we all get to enjoy the benefits. My best friend's husband just installed a pair of Klipsch® AW-650 outdoor speakers on their back deck, making it the best place to hang out, by far.

When Jeff chose these speakers for Brandy, he also had her daycare kids in mind. Now they can listen to their preschool tunes when they play outside on the deck and beyond. Instead of positioning the speakers downward, to bounce the sound off of the deck, Jeff pointed the speakers straight out towards the swing set and sandbox. You can read more about his setup in my related post Outdoor Speakers Make Daycare More Fun.

One drawback to outdoor sound is that it more easily dissipates into the air. This is where Klipsch's horn-loaded drivers really work their magic. When you call out to someone from a distance, you cup your hands around your mouth to form a "horn," so you'll be heard. In much the same way, these drivers more accurately and efficiently send sound to Brandy's deck and back yard.

As I stroll from one end of the deck to the other, I hear changes in volume — some spots are a bit "sweeter" than others. This probably has to do with the way Jeff aimed the speakers outward instead of downward. But overall, the sound is spot-on. I hear plenty of crisp bass, even without a subwoofer. The music is full, precise, and lifelike.

These speakers also look nice. Jeff got white ones to match their white vinyl siding, but it's also possible to paint the grilles. All of the mounting hardware is included, and Jeff achieved a really clean, wires-out-of-the-way installation.

Although it's early to tell how well the speakers will stand up to the elements, they should be fine. They're designed for outdoor use, with rust-proof, UV-resistant enclosures to weather harsh sun, rain, and snow. Jeff positioned them under eaves, which will surely help. I can say that we've had some pretty severe storms in the few weeks since they've been mounted, and they're still delivering the same awesome sound.

So Jeff's gift to Brandy was perfect — especially since her daycare kids and all her friends get to enjoy her speakers, too. The Klipsch® AW-650 outdoor speakers definitely beat that old boom box she used to put on the picnic table.

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