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THIEL 1.6 LifestyleCrutchfield recently got a shout-out in a review of the THIEL CS1.6 floor-standing speakers. We've been selling them for over a year now as part of our high-end speaker line-up. And when we launched our new Signature store,  they were a sure addition to the mix.

CompareLCDs has this to say,

"In 2002 THIEL [introduced] their newest speaker — the CS1.6 — reviewed here. Fast forward eight years to today and the CS1.6 is still going strong, and is being introduced to a whole new crop of budding audiophiles courtesy of its newest sales channel,, the online electronics giant....The CS1.6's ability to be purchased via one of the Internet's largest electronics retailers, Crutchfield, means it's far more accessible then ever before."

And really, that's our goal: to give audiophiles the products they want, and introduce newcomers to the sound of high-end audio. We certainly agree with CompareLCD that the CS1.6 is a "fine sounding loudspeaker" that scores points for it stylish design.

They go on to conclude by saying that,

"It acts more like a high quality monitor speaker in terms of its overall sound than a floor standing speaker and possesses one of the most seductive midranges and soundstages you're likely to hear this side of the $5,000. While not the most dynamic or energetic loudspeaker out there today, the CS1.6 is a great speaker to come home and relax to. In today's stress filled world who can ask for anything more?"

Who indeed?

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For more information about similar speakers in our THIEL line-up, check Steve's in-depth review of the CS3.7 floor-standing speakers or Dave's blog post on the SCS4 bookshelf speakers.

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