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BDI Casata 2823 audio/video cabinet review

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I wasn't really happy with my audio/video setup. My 50” Panasonic Plasma TV was sitting on an undersized cabinet that couldn’t hold all of my equipment, so components were sort of spread all over the place. Plus, I also wanted something that could store my components behind doors for an organized, clean appearance. When I was ready to upgrade, I purchased a BDI Casata 2823 audio/video cabinet. It had the configuration I was looking for: three lower compartments with smoked glass doors for my gear, plus a nice open compartment for my soundbar.

The BDI Casata 2823 arrived almost completely assembled. Basically, all I had to do was put in the adjustable shelves, slide in the back panels, and adjust the cabinet's level. This is a striking piece of furniture. I really admired the solid wood construction and the beautiful finish.

The door hinges were some of the nicest and sturdiest I've ever seen. Counterbalanced springs prevented the doors from just slamming shut. Rather, with a little push the hinges gently pulled the doors closed and held them tight to the cabinet.

My remotes send commands right through the smoked glass door panels to my components with no trouble. The only caution I have for others is that the top part of the door frames block displays and IR sensors that are too high on the top shelves. But this is only an issue when double-stacking two low-profile items on the top shelves.

The cable management system works fairly well. There are oval holes in the back of the bottom shelves and top shelf, one for each section. It let me tuck my excess wire underneath the cabinet. I used wire ties to wrap the cables going from the power strip and the subwoofer to further keep things organized.

Another note of caution: this is a very heavy cabinet and it has no casters. If you have carpet like I do, it will require some strength (especially after all the equipment is on it) to move the Casata 2823 because you will have to lift it. I recommend getting the cabinet set where you want it first, before you start loading on your gear.

Initially, I was a little concerned that the BDI Casata 2823 would overwhelm the room. I shouldn't have been. I am extremely pleased to report that it’s not only a great fit but it showcases the TV beautifully, ( as you can see from my photo at left). Now all of my gear is in one place and I can position my two front satellite speakers for better separation. And my system looks as good as it sounds.

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