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CES Spotlight: Polk Audio UltraFocus 8000 Headphones

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The Polk UltraFocus 8000 with active noise-canceling technology reproduces your music with audiophile-grade sound quality, while isolating you from the noisy environment around you. We talk to a Polk expert from the floor at CES to get the lowdown on this new model.

Video Transcript

Tara: I'm here at Polk's booth at CES 2013, and we're talking to Jon about Polk's UltraFocus 8000 headphones.

Jon: Thanks, Tara. These are the UltraFocus 8000s. They're active noise-canceling headphones. They've got the carbon fiber top here, IOS controls on the side so you can mess with your volume — pause your tracks. Also have a cool talk-through button so you can hear everything around you once you hit the talk through button. It's gotten to point now where my wife will just approach me in the kitchen and press my button on the ear cup to talk with me. So I can hear fine right now, and now I'm in total silence. So we're really proud of the UltraFocus 8000. It's our first active noise-canceling headphone, but we also have the UltraFocus 6000 and 6000i. And those are two versions of our noise-canceling headphones in an in-ear form.

Tara: And tell us what you have going on here at the Polk booth.

Jon: Yes. At the Polk booth here at CES 2013 it's, we're having a "Listen Up" tour where we have five different bands, indie bands, performing in a sound-proof chamber that you can see behind me. And they're wearing the UltraFocus 8000s in the booth. We have an audience here all wearing UltraFocus 8000s as well so they can hear exactly the really nice mix of what the indie band is performing, and so far it's been super successful. We've had people actually waiting in line to get on and throw the headphones on and listen to the bands in the booth. There are four Baltimore bands and one band from St. Louis, and Polk loves to support live music, and we're super happy that they're here.

Tara: Great. Thanks John.

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