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Crutchfield's top tips for Sonos

Sonos is one of the easiest ways to listen to more music in more places in your home. Lots of our customers (and employees) have embraced this whole-home music system. But there are many cool features you might not know about. Check out 11 of our favorites below.

Woman relaxing on floor using phone app

Sonos offers an easy way to add music throughout your house. Read our tips below to get the most out of this wireless system.

Tip #1: Make playlists from multiple music services

The Sonos app lets you search for songs across every music service linked to your account, as well as your personal digital collection. Build playlists from multiple services and sources. Cue up one song from Spotify, then add another from an album stored on your computer, then another that you bought from iTunes®, and so on.

Sonos app artist search

Tip #2: Wake up!

Bedside alarm clocks are so last century. Use Sonos to wake up to your music of choice. Set it to gently wake you with a classical piece through the PLAY:1 on your nightstand. Or wake up the whole house with something a little more energetic playing in every bedroom.

Sonos app screen shot alarm settings

Tip #3: DJ-like transitions for your music mixes

Hosting a party and want to keep the music playing, without any gaps between songs? Enable “crossfade” in the Sonos app. It will automatically fade out each track as it fades in the next song. You'll get smooth, seamless transitions between songs. Almost like you have a DJ hidden in your closet.

Sonos crossfade button

Tip #4: Get better sound with Trueplay

If you use Sonos with an iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod touch®, great news: you can optimize the sound of your Sonos speakers. The app’s Trueplay feature uses the mic built into your iOS® device to measure how the sound reflects off walls and furnishings. It then adjusts speaker's settings for the best sound in your room.

Sonos Trueplay settings

Tip #5: That mute button does more than mute

If you’re only using your Sonos speaker’s mute button to mute, you’re missing out. A single press actually pauses your music, so you can pick up where you left off. Want to skip a track? Press it twice. Or if you're playing music in multiple rooms, press and hold the mute button to silence only that speaker.

Tip #6: Control your Sonos system directly from Spotify

If you're a Spotify user, you can play tunes through Sonos gear directly from the Spotify app. Pull up your playlists, saved albums, and more. Then select which Sonos speakers you want to play your music through — they'll show up under "available devices" right in the Spotify app. 

Spotify app working with Sonos speaker

Tip 7: Stream your vinyl

Want to spin some records and hear them all over your house? Connect your turntable (with phono preamp) to the AUX input on a PLAY:5 speaker, CONNECT, or CONNECT:AMP. Any of these devices will digitize the analog signal and send it to any Sonos product.

close-up of turntable cartridge

Tip #8: Listen outside

Some customers ask: “Does Sonos have an outdoor speaker?” No, but that doesn’t mean you can’t listen outside. Their CONNECT:AMP is a compact amplifier. Set it up inside and connect it to a pair of outdoor speakers, which can stay outside all year long. You’ll get robust sound without worrying about toting speakers outside or risking damage from rain.

Person at picnic using Sonos on their phone

Tip #9: Stream TV sound throughout your home

Ever crank up your TV sound so you can hear the game’s play-by-play in the kitchen while you’re getting snacks? The Sonos PLAYBAR and PLAYBASE sound bars solve that problem by letting you stream TV sound to other Sonos gear. Keep up with every play on your PLAY:1 in the kitchen, instead of blasting the volume in your TV room.

Tip: #10: Pair two speakers in a room for stereo sound

Want to double up your Sonos sound? You can pair two PLAY:1, PLAY:3, or PLAY:5 speakers for stereo sound. When paired, the speakers automatically separate the right and left channels, so you get full stereo sound in your room. Trust me: two PLAY:5 speakers can rival a serious component stereo system.

Tip #11: Surround sound

A Sonos PLAYBAR or PLAYBASE delivers great TV sound. And either can be the foundation of a great home theater system. Add the wireless Sonos SUB, along with two PLAY:1 speakers for the rear channels, and you’ve got a powerful, space-saving 5.1-channel surround sound system. Our Sonos surround sound setup article has more details.

Sonos surround sound system in a modern livinf room

  • Jim Tomarchio from Hopewell, NJ

    Posted on 7/20/2017

    Great information! I have Sonos speakers in every room of my home to create an easy to set up whole house music system. Several of the tips you gave I had never heard of. I just tried the mute button trick, and it really works! To be able to quickly mute just a single speaker from the entire group is great. Especially when everyone else in the house is listening to music on the system! When I get a phone call and I need to be able to hear and speak to the other person on the line, it is now easy for me to just mute the speaker in the room I am in, versus trying to shut down all the speakers, or finding a quiet place in the house, which is no small task when you have speakers in every room! Thanks for the tips!!

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