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Craig W's 1999 Fleetwood Discovery

This RV is Ready to Rock

Outside of RV

Craig, a Crutchfield customer, came to our Charlottesville, VA, retail store with a conundrum: he loves his RV and takes it on trips with his family quite frequently, but he was less than impressed by its old tube televisions and lack of an audio system. Our retail store came to the rescue, recommending and installing a new system with all the bells and whistles Craig was looking for — and more.

Check out our video of this installation to find out more about the new system.

Floorplan of RV

Floorplan of the RV

A zone for everyone

We wanted to cover four basic zones: the driver’s area, the living area, outside under the retractable awning, and the bedroom. So while his kids are in the living area watching TV or outside listening to music, Craig can catch a movie in his bedroom. He can also listen to music while he’s driving. Now everyone’s happy. 

1. Rear-view cameras for safety

The RV originally came with a tube TV in the dash connected to a rear-view camera. We upgraded it to an Accele 6.95" LCD screen and camera kit so he can see the whole picture of what’s going on around him while he’s driving or backing up. We replaced the camera at the rear of the RV, then installed two side-view cameras as well. All three cameras come equipped with low-light capability for added safety. The screen they’re connected to can show a full-screen image from each camera, or images from all three at once. A pre-existing Kenwood car stereo up front powers two speakers so whoever’s driving can listen to tunes on the road from an iPod, CD, or the radio. The Kenwood stereo connects to the Concertone system so what's playing on the Kenwood can be played on the whole system too.

Old viewscreen

Dash with original monitor

New Accele monitor

New rear-view camera screen installed

Accele camera system components:

2. Home theater on the go

Craig’s family uses the living room area more than any other section of the RV, so we wanted to make it the star of the show. We added a 32" Toshiba HDTV and a multi-zone Concertone receiver, along with five Concertone C5 speakers and two Concertone SW-BOX4 subwoofers. That’s right, this RV’s 5.2 home theater system is similar to what you’d find in many home living rooms. 

Multi-zone control

Concertone ZX800 receiver with speaker and sub

Concertone ZX800 receiver with speaker and sub

The Concertone ZX800 controls the system, with enough channels of amplification to power all five surround speakers, the two subwoofers, a pair of speakers in the bedroom, and the outside speakers. It connects to the main TV with a single HDMI cable, which it uses to send video from its built-in DVD player or any other connected video source. This receiver even has built-in Bluetooth® for hands-free calling and audio streaming, along with USB and SD card inputs so Craig can play MP3s through the system easily. 

TV and storage area before installation

TV and storage area before installation

New TV and receiver installed

New TV and receiver installed

New LCD TV and speakers installed in the RV

Speakers and new TV after the installation

Main zone components:

3. Tunes in the outdoor lounge

The RV comes equipped with a nice retractable awning that lets Craig enjoy time outside with his family, so we included a pair of Sound Ordnance™ P-69 6"x9" speakers in boxes. Craig can pull them out of the cargo area and set them on tables or stands. 

Outside%20speakers%20and%20boxesOutside area speakers and boxes

Outdoor zone components:

4. Movies in the bedroom area

In the bedroom we mounted a 24" Toshiba HDTV in front of the old TV's cubby hole. A set of pre-existing aftermarket car speakers are installed above the bed and powered by the Concertone, so Craig and his wife can relax and watch their own movies while the kids play another source on the TV up front. 

Old TV in the bedroom

Old TV in the bedroom

Bedroom after TV installation

Bedroom after TV installation

Bedroom zone components:

Consider the possibilities

Craig's RV makeover sounds great and lets him enjoy movies and music on the road. We can help you outfit your RV too. Replace outdated gear, add new capabilities to your system, or just expand it to better suit your needs.

Shop for RV gear and other car audio equipment on our site, and don't hesitate to contact us via phone, chat, or email if you have any questions. 

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