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Introducing Hi-Fi 2.0

Bill's the founder of Crutchfield. He's still here leading and guiding the company every day, and sometimes also contributes articles to our Learning Center.

There's an interesting paradox in the consumer electronics industry. For an increasing number of music fans, the pursuit and appreciation of high-fidelity sound has diminished as technology has advanced.

When I was a child, we had a 78 rpm record player. Then, in the late 1940s, my father bought a 33 rpm "high-fidelity" system. The quality difference between it and our older 78 rpm system was truly amazing. Later, at the age of 13, I built some of the first stereo tape and stereo record players in Virginia. They added a totally new dimension to sound reproduction.

With improved cartridges, turntables, amplifiers and speakers, audio quality continued to improve through the years. Then, the transition to CD began in the early 1980s. Many audiophiles argued that, because of the CD sampling rate and the limitations of early playback technology, CD couldn't match the sound reproduction of high-quality vinyl records. But with time, CD playback systems improved dramatically.

Digital audio can sound amazingly good. Unfortunately, some of today's most popular digital sources - MP3 players, satellite radio, and Internet radio - often do not. These technologies are wonderful in many ways. But their operation typically depends on lower-resolution signals than you get with CD. Therefore, millions of young people may never have experienced true high-fidelity sound reproduction.

Great sound meets modern technology

To address this problem, Crutchfield has launched an exciting new initiative, Hi-Fi 2.0. Through it, we will help you discover or rediscover the thrill that great sound can bring. Whether it's a high-end home music system, a car stereo makeover, or a simple upgrade of your TV sound, we'll show you how to improve your audio.

Hi-fi 2.0

Wherever you see our Hi-Fi 2.0 logo, you'll find information that steers you toward better sound. You'll see that hi-fi equipment doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. We'll show you how to properly set up your gear. And, we'll give you tips on choosing great-sounding program material. With the right kind of music files, a good amp and speakers that are well placed, you'll be surprised how good an iPod® can sound.

Crutchfield is especially well suited to lead this initiative. We have been selling and supporting high-quality audio equipment since 1974. Additionally, we have a large staff of people who share my passion for good sound. Many of the people who are here to help you are also musicians, studio engineers, DJs and hardcore audiophiles.

Your input is a critical part of our ongoing effort to improve our service. We genuinely appreciate any suggestions or thoughts that you may have. Please address your comments to me at

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