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What Will An Air filter Or Intake Kit Do For Your Car?

Matt Holliday was one of Crutchfield's ace car enthusiasts for several years. He brought a lifetime of knowledge and experience to our team. He has since left the company to join the family business and pursue other interests.

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The two major components to a properly functioning engine are air and fuel. Improving the flow of air into your vehicle's engine will improve performance and fuel economy.

Performance Parts K&N intake kits come with everything you need to install them in your car or truck.

Adding a high-performance air filter or intake kit will allow your vehicle to "breathe" better. The materials used in the K&N intakes and filters we offer give you maximum air flow while blocking contaminants from entering your engine and causing harm. The intake kits also improve sound, giving your vehicle a slight growl during hard acceleration.

Performance Parts Intake kits are easy to install, and add guaranteed horsepower to your vehicle.

Many of the kits are also available in a variety of colors, making them an aesthetic improvement to your vehicle's engine bay. Their easy intallation make these systems a simple, effective upgrade to most cars and trucks.

All K&N filters use a thin layer of cotton sandwiched between mesh screens for dramatically improved air flow over a stock filter's paper construction.

Performance Parts A K&N drop-in filter is cleanable and reusable.
Performance Parts A typical replacement paper filter gets dirty easily and restricts air flow to your engine.

K&N air filters simply drop into your factory air box and require few or no tools for intallation. All K&N filters are washable, so you never have to replace them. Simply clean and oil the filter with a K&N Recharger filter care service kit and drop it back in your factory air box. And with K&N's Million Mile Limited Warranty, your filter is sure to outlast your vehicle.

Performance Parts The K&N Recharger kit, along with K&N's Million-Mile Limited Warranty, ensures you'll never need to buy another air filter for your vehicle.

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