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What are satellite radio boomboxes and compact sound systems?

Enjoy your SiriusXM programming wherever you go

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Some Dock & Play satellite radios will work with compatible boomboxes. Basically, a boombox consists of dock for the radio, an antenna, and a pair of speakers.

You can plug a boombox into the wall at home (a power adapter is included), or put in batteries and carry it around with you. This makes a boombox ideal for outdoor events like picnics and tailgate parties. Some boomboxes have other features, like an auxiliary input for connecting an MP3 player.

Satellite boomboxes

With a compatible boombox, you can listen to your Dock & Play satellite radio just about anywhere.

Portable Speakers

Download the SiriusXM app to your portable device, and you can also enjoy your satellite radio on a variety of portable speakers. Many offer an auxiliary input to connect your device, but several are now including Bluetooth® to work with your portable wirelessly.

Portable speakers for satellite radio

You can use the SiriusXM app on your smartphone or tablet to enjoy your satellite radio on a portable speaker system.

Compact Systems

Compact systems function much the same way as a boombox, but are meant for a more permanent installation, such as on a bookshelf or table.

Satellite compact systems

Compact sound systems are a great choice for a bookshelf or a table.

  • Jon Paulette from Crutchfield

    Posted on 8/23/2016

    Deb, You can use the SiriusXM app (subscription required) on your smartphone or tablet to enjoy SiriusXM satellite radio on a portable Bluetooth speaker system. Happy camping!

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