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Sports headphones buying guide

Power your workouts with music

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If you want to power your workout with music, get a pair of sports headphones. While many in-ear headphones are suitable for exercise, sport headphones offer some advantages.

Repel rain and sweat

Sports headphones are moisture-resistant. A little rain and sweat won’t damage them, so you can use them for ferocious workouts in the gym or while running in wet weather.

Water-resistant sport headphones

Sport headphones are moisture-resistant for outdoor use in bad weather.

Secure fit

Because they’re designed for active use, sports headphones must stay securely in place as you move about. Most sports headphones use in-ear designs with a hook that wraps around your ears to keep them from falling out. Others use silicone extensions at the earpiece to brace them in your outer ear.

Sports headphones offer a secure fit

Most sports headphones stay securely in place by wrapping around your ear.

Durable construction

Sports headphones are built tough to withstand the rigors of your workout. Reinforced earpiece housings provide extra protection for the drivers, while flat cables are both durable and tangle-resistant. They also typically feature bright colors to keep you visible when running on busy streets.

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