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Video: LG LW5600 & LW6500 LED HDTVs

Steve Kindig has been an electronics enthusiast for over 30 years. He has written extensively about home and car A/V gear for Crutchfield since 1985. Steve is also a volunteer DJ at community radio station WTJU, where he is a regular host of the American folk show "Atlantic Weekly," as well as the world music program "Radio Tropicale."

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Steve had a chance to check out the LG 47LW5600 passive 3D TV and he tells us what he liked about the passive 3-D, Internet-ready Smart TV.

Video Transcript

Steve: This is one of LG's new 47" TVs. And we've had it here a couple of days and got to spend some time with it. And it's got a really impressive picture. I want to tell you about a couple of other things that really struck us about it.

Well, first of all this is the first passive 3D TV, that I've seen anyway, and let me tell you how passive 3D works. You're probably used to active 3D that uses the "shutter" glasses. Passive 3D is different in that the screen is doing almost all of the work and so the glasses can be very light and simple and inexpensive. And the way passive 3D looks is it looks really good. We had several people come down and take a look at the set while we had it and everybody loved the picture quality. And one of the things you notice about passive is that it has a really wide viewing angle. So we were walking clear around to both sides of the TV, and you still get the strong 3D effect.

LG calls this a smart TV which means that it has the basic Internet features that we're familiar with, like being able to stream movies from Netflix or TV shows from Hulu Plus or video clips from YouTube, but it goes beyond that and it actually has a built-in web browser so you can do searches, you know, while you're watching. Another great feature is Wi-Fi, which means that if you don't want to plug in an Ethernet cable or it's not convenient or you don't want a cable running across your floor, then as long as you've got a wireless network you just take the little USB adapter that comes in the box with the TV and plug it in, and you've got instant Internet.

One other thing I wanted to mention is the LED backlighting on this TV. Now a lot of TVs have LED backlighting but this is kind of special in that it has dimming capability, which means that the LEDs that are spaced around the edges of the screen can actually dim in response to what's happening in the video scene. So if you have part of the scene that's dark and part of it that's bright, the screen is able to reflect that. And it really helps with the picture. The picture really looks terrific on this set. And this set has 120Hz refresh rate which gives you really smooth, clear motion but if you're really into sports you might want to consider the model above this, which is the LW6500. And it has 240Hz refresh rate.

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