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Video: AKG 2013 Headphones

I've been a camera nut all my life, so it makes sense I'd end up being a video producer. Of course, it has been a roundabout journey for me, as I started at Crutchfield in 2007 writing about car audio gear. Over the years I've learned about all the electronic items we sell, and it is my job to make sure we are making videos that you will find useful, whether you're shopping for something specific or trying to install some new gear yourself. My job is a lot of fun because I get to play around with all the cool stuff you see on our website while I'm making videos about it. Getting hands-on with the gear helps me see what I should show you about a product, though the flip side is my personal wish list is a mile long...

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AKG brings more than 60 years of audio expertise to the table, and it shows in their 2013 line of headphones. Get the lowdown from the AKG booth at CES 2013.

Video Transcript

Zak: I'm here at CES 2013 and I'm here with Andy ,who's gonna tell us about this year's AKG headphone line.

Andy: Hi, Zak. Yeah, there's really two models that I would like to share with you. One of them is the K551, which is really the successor of this award-winning K550. This product is literally a reference-class headset for on the go, and features a 50mm AKG driver — our largest driver ever built.

And what is cool about this headset is it features the best of both worlds. Kind of the lows of the closed-back design, featured with the open imagery of an open-back design. This model just launched a couple of weeks ago and really award-winning, great design, and great sound for on the go.

Another model is the K618/K619. That's our new DJ line. This is the successor product of the award-winning K518. We just launched it in multiple colors. It comes in black, red, as well as blue, and you see kind of cool new features. You see this brushed metal finish on the outside of the cup. Almost reminds us of a vinyl, right. It also has a very thick and comfortable headband. It features a 40mm driver. We EQ'd it a little bit so it has a better performance than the K518, so it's a really great headset. The 618 DJ comes with the longer cable, no remote. The 619 will actually feature the in-line mic and remote.

Zak: Thanks, Andy. That's headphones from AKG.

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