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Video: Connecting and enjoying Apple TV®

Tara W. has worked for Crutchfield since 2004. She writes about whole-house music and video gear, and works on Crutchfield's video team.

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Tara, a digital media enthusiast, hooked up an Apple TV® and Yamaha YAS-10 sound bar in the Crutchfield Labs. She tells us how it works, what she watched and how she controlled it with her iPhone®.

Video Transcript

Apple TV digital media receiver

Tara: We now carry Apple TV and we're all really excited about it. We had the chance to set one up in our labs. So here it is.

Connect to iTunes for movies, music and more

Set up is really simple. We ran an HDMI cable to the TV and an optical audio cable to this Yamaha sound bar so we'd have better sound. Apple TV connects to the internet and we used the Wi-Fi connection we have here at Crutchfield, so all we had to do was plug in our network information and we were ready to go.

Once you're connected to the Internet you get access to a whole bunch of different content. First for us was a lot of different video services — so Netflix, YouTube, and others like that. Since the Apple TV is hooked up to our network we can connect to a computer to play music and videos and photos that are stored on that computer. With Apple TV you can also connect to iTunes so you can rent movies and TV shows, buy them, and you can also access the TV shows you've already purchased through iTunes.

Stream music from the cloud with iTunes Match

Apple TV also gives you access to iTunes Match and that lets you stream the music that you've stored on the cloud.

Use iPod/iPhone/iPad to control Apple TV

Apple TV is an AirPlay device so you can stream from any IOS device like your iPhone, your iPad, straight through the Apple TV to your TV. This is great if you're looking at photos or watching a video on your phone and you decide you'd rather have it on the big screen. You hit the AirPlay button on your phone and up it goes onto your TV. Apple TV comes with a small IR remote that you can use to navigate the screens on your TV or if you have an iPhone, an iPod Touch, or an iPad you can download the free remote app from iTunes and that'll let you sit on your couch and use your IOS device to control Apple TV. And that works over Wi-Fi.

Since we're planning to use the Apple TV to watch movies and listen to music in our lab, we connected it to this Yamaha YAS-101 sound bar. We just wanted to get better sound than what this TV could offer us.Connecting it was really simple, just one digital optical cable from the Apple TV to the sound bar, and then we've got a whole lot better sound than we had before.

If you have any questions about Apple TV or sound bars just give us a call.

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