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Video: Audyssey Lower East Side Media speakers

A circuitous path, involving England, New York, rural Michigan, Indiana, and lots of parts in between brought Matthew Freeman to Charlottesville, where he's been writing about mobile audio/video for Crutchfield off and on since early 2000. He fosters an eclectic taste in film, and is fond of a wide range of music. A native of Albuquerque, New Mexico, he found his way to the University of Notre Dame, where, in an act of charity unsurpassed in the history of Western civilization, he was given a B.A. in English.

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Matt, an editor at Crutchfield, tried out the Audyssey Lower East Side Media speakers at his desk. He was impressed by their expansive soundstage and easy setup.

Video Transcript

Matt: So one of the advantages of working for Crutchfield is the fact that in my office I get to listen to music all day everyday that I'm here. So when the opportunity arose to test out some of the Audyssey Lower East Side Media speakers, I jumped at the opportunity.

Right out of the box they were extremely easy to set up. One of the speakers has an audio cable that plugs into your source's audio output ™ in this case my laptop's headphone jack. And then the two speakers connect to each other with a wire that's included in the box. And lastly you just plug them straight into the wall, turn them on, and you're ready to listen. These speakers even include an optical digital input in case you want to hook up to a component like a small home theater receiver or a gaming system.

Some computer speakers will blast a narrow sound stage right at you. The sound stage on these is very expansive. You get a lot of detail, especially in the high end of the musical spectrum, say from cymbals and vocals, guitars. And they also produce a lot of rich, satisfying bass, thanks to the passive radiator at the back of the speaker. It's not a powered cone so it's not giving you the same deep booming bass that you would get from a subwoofer but it does provide a rich, full texture to your music as a whole.

What I found particularly impressive was the fact that when I started playing them, my office mate was standing to the side of the speakers instead of right in front of them, which we call off-access listening, and he remarked just how clear and good the sound was. And this is a great thing, you know, when you get that kind of sound dispersion because this helps with speaker placement so you're not confined to placing them right next to your computer. You can place them on bookshelves part way across the room and still get most of the sonic benefits from it.

Now one of the things I really like about these speakers is the integrated stand on which they sit which tilts the speakers back a little bit and helps elevate the sound stage to give you that fantastic sound dispersion.

If you have any questions about these speakers or any of the computer speakers in our lineup give us a call.

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