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Video: David's In-Wall Speakers

I'm a music nut who's constantly on the lookout for new artists to listen to, and new gear on which to listen. I love old-school receivers, amps, and speakers, but I'm also into newer tech like wireless. When I'm not writing articles for the Crutchfield website, I'm developing and editing content for the Crutchfield catalog, playing the guitar, watching baseball, coaching soccer, or diving deep into the recesses of my music collection.

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In-wall speakers are a great way to get the sound you want without cluttering up a room. When Crutchfield copywriter Dave moved to Charlottesville, Virginia, his beloved bookshelf speakers no longer fit. So he installed a pair of Definitive Technology DI 6.5LCR in-wall speakers in order to save some space.

Video Transcript

So I got some in-wall speakers from Definitive Technologies — great speaker manufacturer. These are the DI 6.5LCRs. So it's dual 6.5" woofers and a 1" aluminum dome tweeter.

I'd never really considered in-wall speakers before. I started looking into those, and found out they're really not as difficult to install as you might think. What I like about these speakers.the first thing it allowed me to free up space on my cabinet. I could go down to a smaller cabinet if I wanted to. I don't have any speaker stands. I don't have any speakers in the way. Everything is nice and flush in the wall. It's a great, clean look.

At first it's a little bit strange because the sound is coming from the wall, versus obviously speakers that are a little more forward. I think a big key for in-wall speakers is having a good receiver or a good amplifier to drive them.

The bass response on these is actually very strong. I'm pretty happy with it. I think they do a good job of delivering really smooth midrange, as well as really balanced on the high and low frequencies. If you have any questions about in-wall speakers or installation feel free to give our advisors at Crutchfield a call or check us out on our website.

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