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Video: Denon Globe Cruiser Headphones

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Denon's ultra-versatile Globe Cruiser headphones give you Bluetooth and noise-canceling functions in a great-sounding, comfortable headphone built for the busy traveler.

Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Petro Shimonishi with Denon, and we're here today to talk about Denon's new Globe Cruiser AH-NCW500 headphones. As you can see, it comes in two colors — your choice of attractive silver with brown chocolate ear pads, or a more conventional black with the silver accent colors on it.

So let's talk a little bit about what you can do with them. These headphones feature Bluetooth wireless technology so you can wirelessly roam throughout an airport, a train station, or an office and listen to your music. The Bluetooth range on this is about 25 feet. You can safely keep your smart phone in your pocket, briefcase or purse and travel — enjoy your music.

In addition to that, to control your smart phone we've integrated something very innovative that Denon has invented, called the Denon control wheel. The right control wheel controls volume up by rotating it towards the front of your face, volume down by rotating it towards the rear of your face. Play/pause can be accomplished by pressing the center of the control wheel.

Additionally, as you're walking through the airport, if you're listening to music and your cell phone rings you're gonna hear a ring tone over the headphones. If you want to answer the call, simply press the center button on the control wheel on your left ear cup. The Denon Globe Cruise headphones feature integrated microphones so you can have crystal-clear conversation right here on the ear cup.

In terms of sound quality the Denon Globe Cruise headphones are noise-canceling. You have a choice of active noise canceling by flipping the noise cancelation switch on, or you can go straight into passive listening mode. But what about when wireless is not allowed, for example, let's say when you get on a plane and the stewardess says "Turn off all your wireless devices." Well, the Denon Globe Cruiser headphones ship, of course, with an audio cable. All you have to do in order to turn the Bluetooth off is simply plug the audio cable into the audio jack at the very bottom of the ear cups. And now you can listen in wired mode.

These headphones also feature a ten-hour rechargeable battery integrated into the ear cup. However, if the battery runs out mid-flight, don't worry. Plug the cable in and you can still listen to your music. You'll notice that the shape of the on-ear ear pad is a little bit different from what you typically see on conventional headphones. This is using Denon's patent-pending pentagonally shaped memory foam ear pads that mimics more closely the natural shape and contour of the human ear. The Globe Cruiser headphones are extremely easy to use and they're extremely comfortable to wear.

If you have any questions regarding Denon headphones please be sure to contact your Crutchfield representative.

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