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Video: Denon Music Maniac Artisan Headphones

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Denon hasn't forgotten about the audiophiles out there. Their Music Maniac Artisan headphones deliver uncompromised sonic bliss through a transparent presentation that lets every detail of your music shine through in a comfortable, over-the-ear design.

Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Petro Shimonishi, and I'm with Denon, and we're showcasing today the new Music Maniac Artisan headphones. The Music Maniac Artisan headphones first and foremost features Denon's next-generation 50mm Free Edge Nano Fiber driver. The 50mm Free Edge Nano Fiber driver provides the acoustic performance of a box loud speaker from an over-ear headphone form factor. This is really difficult for most manufacturers to do. In fact, most manufacturers for over-ear headphones and in-ear headphones permanently glue the diaphragm to the basket. What does this do? This restricts the movement of the driver when you're playing back music.

For best-in-class acoustic listening performance, you'll also notice that the Music Maniac headphones from Denon feature a real wood mahogany ear cup. This ear cup is hand-carved mahogany wood straight from Africa, and provides the acoustic clarity of a fine musical instrument — giving better detail to the sound quality than you normally would with regular plastic-mold earcups.

The Music Maniac Artisan headphones also — if you'll notice — this is their general shape. It's not exactly circular. Most manufacturers make circular ear pads because frankly, they're pretty easy to do. But your ears aren't shaped like a circle. That's why Denon, we introduced our patent pending pentagonally shaped memory foam ear pads. You'll notice that the contour of the ear pad more closely mimics the natural shape of the human ear, allowing for a much better fit and less dead space inside the cavity around the ear. This improves the sound quality performance.

We've also incorporated detachable cable connections. The Music Maniac Artisan line of headphones actually ship with two cables inside the box. The first cable — a ten-foot-long cloth mesh jacket covered 99.9999% oxygen-free cable because we know that many consumers want to actually sit back on the sofa and listen to their headphones from a nice amplifier or Denon A/V receiver. It comes with a ¼" gold-plated adapter jack right connected to the cable, so you can plug this straight into your Denon A/V receiver for perfect listening.

It also ships with a three-foot-long on-the-go cable with an integrated remote control and microphone for control of your Apple iPhone, Apple iPod, or Apple iPad. The cable connections are color-coded so that you know what's right and what's left. And additionally, if you do want to make your own cables, go for it. Just notice that your right ear cup and your left ear cup are independent stereo connections.

And that's the new Denon Music Maniac headphones. If you have any questions regarding Denon headphones, please be sure to contact your Crutchfield representative.

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