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Video: Denon Urban Raver In-Ear Headphones

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Powerful bass doesn't have to come from a bulky, on-ear headphone. With Denon's Urban Raver in-ears, those big beats and deep lows won't get left behind. Each earpiece features two parallel 11mm drivers to deliver jaw-dropping bass in a form-fitting headphone you can bring anywhere.

Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Petro with Denon, and we're here to talk with you today about Denon's new Urban Raver in-ear headphones. These headphones look different, and they sound different. Think you can't good quality bass sound from a pair of in-ear headphones? These headphones incorporate Denon's patent-pending double-air compression driver, mounting two 11.5mm drivers in each earpiece. These drivers are mounted parallel with each other so that they're designed to compress and drive much more air and bigger sound quality. The result? A powerful bass experience from an in-ear headphone.

These headphones also feature Denon's patent pending mini control wheel, so I can control volume up, volume down, play/pause, or talk/hang up. The headphones feature an integrated microphone on the earpiece, so you don't have to run around and hold up an in-line remote — making sure that the caller on the other end of the phone conversation can hear you. The microphone is integrated right here in the earpiece.

The other thing that you'll notice about these in-ear headphones is they come with multiple size ear tips and ear stabilizers. So you have your choice between Comply Memory Foam ear tips, your conventional silicon ear tips in extra small, small, medium, and large, or your double-solid silicon ear tips which are a little bit more rigid. If fact you can see the difference when I press them here. So you've got a choice between a multitude of ear tips and three different sizes of ear stabilizers, which are meant to nestle the headphone into the bowl of your ear and eliminate the ability to get the headphones pulled out, adding for a secure fit.

Denon Urban Raver AH-C300 headphones — once you listen to them, you will become a believer that you can get a good bass experience from an in-ear headphone. If you have any questions regarding Denon headphones please be sure to contact your Crutchfield representative.

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