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Video: Erica's Home Office Makeover

When Crutchfield designer Erica learned that one of her roommates would be moving, she decided to take the opportunity to set up a home office. She wanted a clean uncluttered look, and the ability to really enjoy her music while working.

Video Transcript

My name is Erica. I'm a designer, and I sometimes work at home. My original home office setup was in my bedroom. It was very entry-level — a second-hand desk, a computer, no speaker system. It worked, but I was looking to find a way to make my home office environment more enjoyable to work in.

The first part of the new home office setup was the new desk and the filing cabinet, which has been great because I had files in plastic bins all over my house. So now everything is all in one spot. And the desk also does a really great job of keeping not only my files organized, but also all the wires that are coming off of the computer and the speakers and the monitor.

It has a really neat feature in the back where it has a panel that hides all the wires, so you don't have to see all that mess. One of my other favorite features about the desk is the keyboard tray that pulls out and allows you to access the keyboard and the mouse and then when you're done, it folds back up and goes back into the desk and gives a very streamlined look.

One of the other pieces of equipment that I got was the low mobile file pedestal which allows you to either keep it tucked away underneath the desk when you're using it, or if you need to access the magnetic panels on the desk, you can easily slide it out on the wheels that are on the bottom.

One of the great things about this set up is the AudioQuest DragonFly DAC. A DAC is a digital-to-analog converter, and what it does is bypass your computer's built-in sound card, and processes the music so that you get a higher quality sound. And I have Paradigm Shift A2 speakers which have been great. I haven't actually turned the speakers up to their full capacity because it would really blow down the house probably, and I have neighbors and a roommate to think about.

So the other part of my office set up that has been really great is a pair of Bowers and Wilkins P3 headphones. The P3 headphones are really great. They're lightweight, they're comfortable, and they also give me really great sound so I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything by having the headphones on.

I also have a Panasonic cordless phone set that has a base station which I have here in the office, and it comes with five additional handsets which you can put all over the house. The really great thing about it is that it syncs via Bluetooth to my cell phone, so I can have my cell phone charging in another room in the house, and as long as it can talk to the Bluetooth station here, if I get a phone call it's gonna ring on all the handsets in the house.

So now that I have all this great office equipment, I really wanted to make sure that nothing was going to happen to it, so I also have power protection from Panamax — which I have all the audio equipment and my computer and monitor plugged into to keep it safe. If you have any questions about setting up an audio system like this or other gear give Crutchfield a call.

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