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Video: Fuji X-E1 Digital Camera

I've been a camera nut all my life, so it makes sense I'd end up being a video producer. Of course, it has been a roundabout journey for me, as I started at Crutchfield in 2007 writing about car audio gear. Over the years I've learned about all the electronic items we sell, and it is my job to make sure we are making videos that you will find useful, whether you're shopping for something specific or trying to install some new gear yourself. My job is a lot of fun because I get to play around with all the cool stuff you see on our website while I'm making videos about it. Getting hands-on with the gear helps me see what I should show you about a product, though the flip side is my personal wish list is a mile long...

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Fujifilm tapped in to a powerful place in the global shutterbug psyche when they introduced their "X" series of retro-influenced cameras in 2011. This entry, the 16-megapixel interchangeable-lens Fujifilm X-E1, stays firmly in that well-established design aesthetic, while offering some new technological features that make this camera even more of a value than its predecessors.

Video Transcript

I've got the Fuji X-E1 camera here. This is the latest from Fuji's X-series line. At the heart of the X-E1 is Fuji's fantastic image sensor, and combined with these high quality X-series lenses it'll give you some fantastic, sharp, just detailed photos.

You've got control over your shutter speed on a dial here. Your aperture control is on your lens here. So whatever you want to take control of while you're shooting, you can do so easily with the twist of a dial, not having to dive into any menus.

It also has a fantastic electronic viewfinder built in, and it's even got a sensor that will switch from the back LCD screen to the viewfinder when you get your eye close. You've also got a little pop-up flash here, and a little trick that I figured out pretty quick was with just a finger you can actually tilt it back and point it up and bounce it off the ceiling. And anybody who's used a flash a lot knows that you want to bounce that flash instead of blasting it right at people when you're indoors.

I think this might be my favorite Fuji camera yet. The X-E1 — it's a real shooter's camera, and if you really love taking pictures I think you'll really love this camera. So if you have any questions about this camera or any others, just give Crutchfield a call.

  • Sal Ruibal from West Springfield VA

    Posted on 4/23/2015

    I received a Fujifilm XE-1 last December as a gift and am very pleased with the equipment. The more I use the kit lens, the more I kick myself for poo-pooing it as "just" a kit lens. I was a Leica fanatic for many years but as the camera world moved to digital, the Big Red Dot is not able to keep pace, especially in the mirro-rless camera category. I still keep a Leica rangefinder in my camera bag, but only as a backup. I have had no problems with the exception of figuring out which lens Fuji lens I should buy next.

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