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Video: JBL® On Air Wireless powered speaker system

Jon Schroeder was Crutchfield's videographer for several years. He helped us refine our video production process and discover our new video "voice." He and his family had an opportunity to relocate to Baltimore, where he continues to lend his artful eye to making corporate videos.

Jon, Crutchfield Video Director/Editor, gives his review of the JBL® On Air Wireless powered speaker system.

Video Transcript

Jon: I'm here with the JBL® On Air Wireless station. What makes this speaker system so cool is that it uses Apple's AirPlay® technology to wirelessly receive your music from your iPod®, your iPhone®, your iPad® or your computer using your home Wi-Fi network.

If you're a fan of outside the box design aesthetics, you'll obviously be attracted to the On Air Wireless music station because of its unique form factor, but this speaker system isn't just all about looks. In fact, it's formed this way to employ JBL's HALO technology and what that does is spread your music evenly across your listening area. HALO stands for Horizontal Acoustic Level Optimization and there's actually three speakers inside the dome here that deliver big sound.

But the main thing that really makes the JBL On Air Wireless station so epic is its wireless ability using AirPlay. As long as I'm within range of my home Wi-Fi network, I can listen to any of the tunes that are on my computer, my iPod, my iPhone, or my iPad and have full functionality over them. So I can choose the tracks, what have you — adjust the volume using my IOS device. It's really easy to use.

And of course I can take the On Air into any room in the house. In order to zap my music to the On Air from my computer, I would just select the On Air as my speaker from within iTunes and it works in a similar way for any IOS device. I just click on the AirPlay icon, and choose the option to send the tunes to the On Air instead of having the music come out of the internal speaker or the headphone jack. And when I'm through listening to my MP3 collection, I can always stream Internet radio on the On Air too.

Now when you're in the mood for some twentieth century listening, the On Air has you covered with its built-in FM receive,r but even here JBL adds some twenty first century tech. On the unit's LCD screen you'll be able to see the name of the station you're listening to as well as artist info and the name of the track you're currently listening to. You can also use the On Air as an iPod dock and as your iPod or iPhone is nestled in the cradle there it'll charge your device as well as play any of the music that's on it.

If you have any questions about the JBL On Air Wireless station or any of the products we carry feel free to give one of our advisors a call.

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