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Video: Klipsch Quintet Home Theater System

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The Klipsch Quintet home theater system delivers rich, accurate sound to make all your favorite movies, tunes, and video games more enjoyable. It boasts many of the same technologies and design principles Klipsch uses in their larger Reference Series speakers, so you'll hear distinctive, dynamic sound.

Video Transcript

Tara: We're here at the Klipsch booth at CES 2013, and we're talking to Darren about the Klipsch Quintet. So Darren, what can you tell us?

Darren: Well, the new Klipsch Quintet is actually its first re-design in its fourteen year history. So we wanted to take it into a whole new direction, and really just improve mostly upon the acoustics. We had a great product before, but we wanted to make it the best product that's out there.

So the new Quintet utilizes our Linear Travel Suspension tweeter. It also uses a long throw 3-1/2 inch IMG woofer that really allows it to have a great, rich sound and blend better with subwoofers. So one of the biggest changes that we did was remove the base — the pedestal. That pedestal allowed it to be mounted to the wall, but now we actually can use a keyhole and a ¼-20 threaded insert to mount it to the wall, 'cause as TVs get thinner and thinner we need something with a little bit lower profile to mount to the wall. So that allows it to do it.

And the actual structural integrity of the Klipsch Quintet — it's made out of something that is called AcoustaComp. It's the same kind of material that we use in our professional horns in the cinemas, and it's just a very inert and dense material that just gives it not only a great physical appearance and look and feel but also adds acoustical benefits as well.

Tara: Great. Thanks, Darren. That's the Klipsch Quintet.

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