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Video: LG 55EA9800 OLED TV

Stunning picture quality

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One look and you can tell there's something very different about LG's 55" 55EA9800 — the world's first large-screen OLED TV. First, the screen is a lot thinner than conventional flat-panel TVs. At its thinnest, it's barely as thick as a pencil! Another difference that's even more striking — the screen isn't flat, it's slightly curved, which makes watching it feel even more cinema-like, like sitting in an IMAX® theater.

Video Transcript

We're here in the Crutchfield Labs, and we're checking out LG's O.L.E.D or "OLED" TV. And this model is actually the world's first large screen OLED TV. O.L.E.D stands for "Organic Light-Emitting Diode", or organic LED. In previous TV technology, LEDs were used only as backlight for pixels. In these TVs organic LEDs are the pixels. And what's really cool about this is the pixels in this TV can switch on and all the way off independently of each other. This means that you're gonna see incredible color, incredible contrast, and absolute black levels that we haven't been able to see before in television.

The first things we noticed about this TV were that when we took it out of the box, it has a curved shape and that's unlike any other TV we've seen so far. It's also extremely thin, as thin as a pen or a pencil at its thinnest point, and this TV, a 55" TV, weighs only 38 pounds.

We've been watching movies on this TV since we set it up yesterday, but for the purposes of this video we have a photo up on the screen and you can see it's cropped in a little bit. The photo though helps us illustrate the phenomenal picture quality that we have noticed with this TV. You can see here we've got the sun, and then we immediately go to the dark wood of the pier and all of that detail is still there. That's something that we wouldn't have seen in other televisions. Something else that impressed us was the detail and the shadows. So in the grass down here we can see the details and we can see details in the rippling water underneath the pier.

This TV is also THX certified, which means it's gone through rigorous testing and been certified to deliver a really great home theater picture in your house. Like other higher end LG TVs this TV is gonna give you Smart TV apps like Netflix and Hulu. It even has a built-in web browser and it comes with LG's Magic Wand remote for easy control and easy switching between sources. If you have any questions about this LG OLED or any other TVs just give us a call.

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