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Video: Marantz NA7004 Network Audio Player

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Ringo tells us about the Marantz NA7004 Network Audio Player and shares his experiences taking it home and trying it out as a standalone Internet radio device.

Video Transcript

Ringo: Hi. We're here today to talk about the Marantz NA7004 which is a new device from Marantz. And it's a stand-alone streaming device with a high end D-to-A (digital to audio) converter in it , kind of a first of its type. The ability to stream PANDORA, Rhapsody, Napster, Internet radio stations, is basically what this machine is designed for. I mean when you're doing any type of streaming such as Rhapsody or PANDORA normally you don't have any type of D-to-A converter or digital-to-analog converter that can up the quality for you or kind of up convert. This device, using its internal D-to-A converters can really help out in the quality of the streaming.

It also has the ability to plug into your computer through USB so you can play your high res music files back onto this device. Also, you can use it to connect your iPod directly to the front and you can use what is a new nifty thing that's called AirPlay. This device will allow you to stream directly from your computer iTunes library or from the actual iTouch or iPhone directly back onto the device.

Another thing that Marantz actually uses is they have their M-DAX 2 which is a musical digital audio expander. And basically what this doe,s and the way I tested it, I actually went to YouTube when my computer was hooked to it and streamed a low res Aimee Mann song. Basically the settings of 1, 2, or 3, or high, medium, and low allow you to adjust for the poor quality of the MP3s which really is amazing. I was really surprised at how much it expanded MP3. Granted you don't want to do that all the time, but you know if you do run into some low res audio that it does really help.

So one way I was thinking about using this system is as kind of a stand-alone system. Keep in mind this unit does not have any internal amplification so what I recommend is using is a pair of these Audioengine A5 powered speakers. It works out really well. So I mean if you have a home office that's kind of smaller and you wanted to have a high end music streaming device, this is just the perfect product for you here. And just keep in mind you've gotta have it hard wired to your network so as long as you have a CAT-5 or structured wiring in the house then you're good to go.

Another thing is that this has no video output, so the basic way to control it is going to be using the Marantz remote control to actually dial in or search on the front menu. Or you can actually obtain the IP address, which is in the menu, go to your computer, and it will pull up, based on the IP address, a menu that you can actually type in if you're doing like a Rhapsody search. I found that to be a lot easier.

So if you have any more questions about this, feel free to give us a call. We'll be glad to help you out.

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