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Video: mophie juice pack for iPhone 4/4S

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You want your iPhone to keep going as long as you do, wherever your day takes you. Mophie juice packs give you a protective case and a built-in battery with enough power to keep your iPhone 4 or 4S going for hours after its battery has run out.

Video Transcript

This is the juice pack air. It provides double the battery life on your iPhone and also has a form fitting case that also protects the phone. This is the juice pack plus. It gives you 120% extra battery life and offers more protection than the juice pack air.

The LED power indicators on the back of the case tell you how much juice you have. Each dot represents 25% of a full charge. Charging your phone with a mophie case is easy. Toggle the standby switch to on when you want to charge your phone, and when you get home and plug in your juice pack, it'll charge your phone and juice pack simultaneously. And if you have any questions on mophie cases, just give Crutchfield a call.

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