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Video: NuForce Dia

Jon Schroeder was Crutchfield's videographer for several years. He helped us refine our video production process and discover our new video "voice." He and his family had an opportunity to relocate to Baltimore, where he continues to lend his artful eye to making corporate videos.

Jon, Crutchfield video director, took the NuForce Dia™ home and tried it out in his home theater setup. He was impressed by how the stereo integrated amp with built-in DAC added clarity and detail in his music and movies.

Video Transcript

Jon: I'm here with the NuForce Dia and this is a DAC and amp built into one. A DAC is a digital-to-analog converter and what this will do is take your digital music stream from your audio source and have it come directly into the NuForc. It puts the ones and zeroes straight into the NuForce,and then the NuForce will convert your digital audio into sound into analog music. And that'll bypass the smaller, probably less quality DAC that's in your Blu-ray player or whatnot.

And the NuForce Dia has its own amp built in so it'll power your speakers directly. There's no need to hook this up to a receiver. And it'll supply 24-watts per channel to your speakers.

So I took the NuForce Dia home and hooked it up to my Sony Blu-ray player. I hooked it up via one of the optical inputs in the back. And the Dia actually has two digital optical inputs and one digital coax input. For the speakers, I hooked up Klipsch Reference speakers to the speaker outputs. And my Sony Blu-ray player has the Google music app, which is great because it has all my music loaded up to it so it was a whole library of music that I'm familiar with. So my wife and I were listening to songs that we really knew well and when we put them through the Dia we could hear things that we didn't hear before that we weren't used to hearing because of how much clarity the Dia provides. So we were hearing new backing vocal tracks that were new to us and it just, simply the clarity was on another level after we ran the music through the Dia.

Another great thing about the NuForce Dia is that it's got a line out for a subwoofer and that's how I plan to upgrade my home stereo next is to buy a powered subwoofer, so I'll be all set with the NuForce Dia. If you have any questions about the Dia or any of our other DACs feel free to give us a call.

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