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Video: Panasonic DMC-GX1K

Zak Billmeier grew up in southern Vermont and coastal Maine. After graduating from Mary Washington College with a Geography degree he still isn't sure quite what to do with, he eventually settled in the mountains of Central Virginia. He spends his free time chasing his daughter around, taking pictures, gardening and cooking. He joined Crutchfield's car A/V writing team in 2007 and is now a lead producer on our video team.

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Zak, a Crutchfield camera enthusiast, had a chance to check out the Panasonic DMC-GX1K at CES 2012.

Video Transcript

Zak: Hey. We're here at CES 2012 with Panasonic and they're about to show us something I've really been looking for for a very long time as a camera enthusiast — the GX1.

Panasonic: With the Panasonic DMC-GX1K we brought the dials back. A lot of people were concerned that we were going too much into touch control so we brought that back. We really listened to them. And then the other thing is that it comes with this new lens that's called X-lens technology. You can see if I turn it on and off it becomes very small. But at the same time, this is a traditional DSLR that we sell with a 3X lens. This is also a 3X lens. See the size difference? So one of the things why we did that is because it has these switches on the side for power zooming.

So now with these cameras, because they're mirrorless — there's no mirror in there — we can take better video and we can do stills at the same time. So we wanted to create an environment where you could take video and zoom very smoothly just like with your video camera. So it makes it a lot easier rather than jerking and twisting the camera around trying to take video.

So it has a hot shoe. It has a built-in flash. You can even bounce flash it if you like. Sometimes you want to hand it over to a friend and just take a picture. And that's always a little daunting for somebody to look at all the dials and bells and whistles, but we've made it easy. So your get-out-of-trouble-free card is this little blue button up here. It's our IA mode. And we've changed it recently. We've made it simpler. So when you turn on that IA function what you can now do is adjust your color simply by dragging your finger across the screen. So if you're in a restaurant for something and it's a little amber light and you want it a little bluer just adjust it and then just touch the screen to take the picture. Really simple, just like a smart phone for example, really easy application almost driven. And that's the GX1 in a nutshell.

Zak: I know a lot of people are looking for this and that's the Panasonic GX1.

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