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Video: Parrot Zik Bluetooth Headphones

I've been a camera nut all my life, so it makes sense I'd end up being a video producer. Of course, it has been a roundabout journey for me, as I started at Crutchfield in 2007 writing about car audio gear. Over the years I've learned about all the electronic items we sell, and it is my job to make sure we are making videos that you will find useful, whether you're shopping for something specific or trying to install some new gear yourself. My job is a lot of fun because I get to play around with all the cool stuff you see on our website while I'm making videos about it. Getting hands-on with the gear helps me see what I should show you about a product, though the flip side is my personal wish list is a mile long...

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You may not be familiar with Parrot, a French company that has quickly become a leader in wireless technology for cars. Now they have used their Bluetooth expertise to create a uniquely powerful set of headphones that have us very excited. The Parrot Zik are as stylish as they are versatile, offering more features than just about any headphone we’ve seen.

Naturally, the Zik offers wireless connection with your compatible Bluetooth phone for simple hands-free calls and music streaming. What makes the Zik unique is how you control those functions. The right earcup features a touch panel — no buttons, dials or knobs — so you can answer calls or skip tracks with the swipe of a finger. The touch panel offers the same functionality as an in-line remote, except with the same intuitive ease as your smartphone’s touchscreen.

Video Transcript

So I had a chance to try out these new Zik headphones from Parrot. And you know Parrot as a Bluetooth company — they've made their name for themselves making Bluetooth products, and these are, indeed, a Bluetooth headphone. So they connect to your Smartphone or other Bluetooth device, no wires needed. You can roam around and listen at will. It's very nice. And they're comfortable.

They're well built, and they sound pretty good out of the box. But to really take them to the next level, I recommend downloading the free Parrot Audio Suite app. It lets you change settings in the headphones — for instance, turning on and off noise cancelation, which the Zik does very well, by the way. They have microphones on the bottom that analyze the ambient sound and help cancel out the noise, and do a great job of it.

But the most fun is, inside the app you have all these audio settings you can change. You have a seven-band equalizer which you can make your own preset or you can use one of the presets that's in there. There's also this really cool concert hall thing which lets you move these speakers around in a virtual room, and it changes the sound. You can really hear it separating or getting closer together.

One of the primary features I liked on the Zik headphones is that over your right ear the ear cup is a touch panel, so you can do certain basic functions just by tapping on here. For instance, swipe up for volume up, down for volume down, track over or track back. If you want to answer a call that comes in, just tap. If you don't want to answer that call, just press and hold for a couple seconds and it'll refuse the call. When you take the headphones off, your music will pause, or if you have a phone call going taking the headphones off will automatically shoot the call right over to your phone. So they're just so easy to use, and well thought out. I really like that about the Zik.

If you have any questions about the Zik headphones or Bluetooth headphones in general just give us a call.

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