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Video: Peachtree iDac Digital-to-Analog Converter and Digital iPod® Dock

Tara W. has worked for Crutchfield since 2004. She writes about whole-house music and video gear, and works on Crutchfield's video team.

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David Solomon, Founding Partner of Peachtree Audio, introduces their new iDac and explains how it makes the music on your iPod®, computer, and other components sound better.

Video Transcript

Tara: We're here today with David Solomon of Peachtree Audio and he's doing trainings at Crutchfield today. So we're just going to talk to you a little bit and learn a little bit more about Peachtree. So we're going to start here with the iDac, which is one of your newer products, and if you can just explain a little bit about it.
David: Yeah, the iDac was something that we've had in the works for quite some time. It's really for people who have multiple digital devices. With an iPod, you can stick this into our dock and this dock is actually a digital dock that will take the information from the iPod, the ones and zeros from the iPod, instead of the analog output, and transfer it directly to our DAC, which basically our DAC doesn't know that this is an iPod. It thinks it's a high end CD player, as it does anything that transfers ones and zeros. So you have all kinds of things that you can hook it up with. It's got an iPod input, digital iPod input. It's got a USB for your computer, coax, and then you've got opticals for things like Apple TV. So just about any of the devices that you have that are digital you can hook up to this.
Tara: And would you explain a little bit about why using this, as opposed to the electronics that are built into the iPod, why this is such a huge improvement?
David: Yeah, the iPod's actually got a very good D-to-A converter, but the one thing that it doesn't have is a big power supply. You just can't really fit much of a power supply into something like this. So we don't have to rely on the power supply of something like this. The only thing that we rely on out of this device or any of the other digital devices are the ones and zeros. If we can get the ones and zeros out of this, our unit basically thinks that it's a high end CD player.
Tara: So this is going to take a signal from an iPod, your computer, Sonos, even a gaming system, and let you play it through your high-end system and have it sound fantastic.
David: That's right. That's exactly right, because a lot of people have systems that they really adore right now. The problem is that they've got seven or eight analog inputs, and frankly there are no more analog sources other than a turntable these days. Everything else is digital. The problem is a lot of people take these digital sources, convert them to analog, put them through their analog set-ups and the performance is never very good.
Tara: But with this it will be.
David: Yes, with this it's going to be very, very good. Yes.
Tara: To learn more about Peachtree Audio, just give us a call.

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