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Video: Peachtree iNova Integrated Amplifier, Digital-to-Analog Converter and Digital iPod® Dock

Tara W. has worked for Crutchfield since 2004. She writes about whole-house music and video gear, and works on Crutchfield's video team.

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David Solomon from Peachtree Audio introduces their new iNova pure digital iPod dock, and shows off his own home audio system.

Video Transcript

Tara: We're here today with David Solomon of Peachtree Audio and he's doing trainings at Crutchfield today. So we're just going to talk to you a little bit and learn a little bit more about Peachtree. So we also had the chance to demo the iNova and can you tell us just a little bit about this piece.

David: The iNova is our latest integrated amplifier with our very best D-to-A converter in it. This is the same basic D-to-A converter that we have in our iDac. So it's a 32-bit D-to-A converter which means you can play higher resolution audio files on the Nova. A few things that it's got common to the original Nova, which was Stereophile product of the year last year: still has the same number of inputs, except with the addition of the iPod. This iPod dock is pure digital so it takes the ones and zeros straight from the iPod, runs them right into our D-to-A converter, and so this unit as well as most of our other units think that the iPod or any of these other digital devices, even like the little $99.00 Apple TV or the Sonos ZP90, it will think all of these units are high end CD players.

Tara: So it's going to take the digital files that you're playing from any of these devices: gaming systems, iPods, Sonos, Apple TV even, and just make it sound really good.

David: Yep, because we're taking the just the digital stream then we're running it through our high quality D-to-A converter, through the tube front end, and the high current output.

Tara: And connection wise you're connecting this because of the built in amp, built in preamp, built in amp. In this case we're going out to Peachtree speakers so this would be for someone who wants a full system let's say.

David: The way that you see my system is right now is it's a Nova, a pair of the D5 speakers, and a Mac computer, a little Mac Mini. That's the entire system. So my wife really likes it because it really, really looks good, very fashionable. I like it because it looks good but I really like it because it sounds incredible.

Tara: Yeah. It's a pretty compact but amazing sounding system.

David: Thank you.

Tara: To learn more about Peachtree Audio just give us a call.

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