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Video: PENTAX Optio WG-2

Zak Billmeier grew up in southern Vermont and coastal Maine. After graduating from Mary Washington College with a Geography degree he still isn't sure quite what to do with, he eventually settled in the mountains of Central Virginia. He spends his free time chasing his daughter around, taking pictures, gardening and cooking. He joined Crutchfield's car A/V writing team in 2007 and is now a lead producer on our video team.

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Zak, Crutchfield camera enthusiast, tries out the Pentax Optio G-2 at Virginia's Massanutten waterpark. The camera also comes in a model with built-in GPS.

Video Transcript


Zak: Hey. I'm here at Massanutten waterpark today in Virginia checking out the Pentax Optio WG-2, crushproof, cold proof, waterproof, shockproof, adventure-proof camera. Take it surfing, take it skiing, take it mountain climbing, take it underwater — it'll go wherever you want it to.

One of my favorite things about it actually is it has a really great close-up mode with these little lights around the outside of the lens that light up and light up your subject. You can get as close as one centimeter away and take pictures with it — a lot of fun.

It also shoots HD movies. It's got great face detection for when you want to get some low-angle shots of your kids, and it's a fantastic overall camera. And of course you can beat it up pretty well.

So if you have any questions about cameras like this or the Optio WG-2 just give us a call.

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