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Video: Polk Audio UltraFit headphones

Most of the people appearing in our videos are employees at Crutchfield. We pull in folks from around the company to share their expertise. A lot of our on-camera stars come from our Advisor Group — they help people choose the right gear via phone, email and chat every day, so they're good at explaining the products and technologies.

CJ, a Crutchfield advisor, tried out the Polk Audio UltraFit headphones and gave them a real workout at the gym. He tells us about the 500, 1000, 2000 and 3000; how they fit and how they sound.

Video Transcript

C.J.: So I got the chance to try out Polk's new headphone line. It's called the UltraFit line. And I actually took these to the gym with me and I gave them a pretty good workout. And what I like about these things is the comfort level is amazing and I didn't have to adjust them one single time during my run, which is nice. You've got tangle-free cords, sweat resistant material that it's made out of, and the quality of sound is exactly what you'd expect from Polk. It's like listening to a Polk speaker but strapped to your ear. You get the awesome highs, awesome lows, and even a great mid range too, so all around it's a great product category from Polk.

So the headphones I started with are the Polk 1000's. The line actually starts with the 500's, but the major difference with the 1000's is that you get this awesome three-button remote. So when you're running, and you have your iPod stored away, you can control your volume, you can answer phone calls without having to, you know, take out your iPod, take out your iPhone, whatever it is that you're using. Also what you're getting with these is flexibility. It's basically gonna fit anybody's ear the way they designed these awesome headphones. And as far as sound quality is concerned, they have a port on them, kind of like a subwoofer box, so you're bass response is gonna be phenomenal out of an in-ear headphone.

So the next ones I tried are the Polk 2000's. These are actually different than the other ones in the line because they're actually on-ear headphones with the neck band design. So comfort-wise, if you don't like the in-ear headphones these are gonna be perfect for you. And sound quality-wise, these are probably my favorite in the line. Because they're on-ear, they've got the bass response that you cannot get with an in-ear headphone. You've got that pumping music, and if you're like me, that music is kind of what keeps you going when you're on the treadmill. So when I'm listening to Eminem and I'm turning it up loud, that thumping beat is gonna keep me going for that extra mile. So another difference with these headphones is the controls actually move up to the earcup so you can answer phone calls, adjust track, volume without having to look down at your cord while you're trying to run on the treadmill. And then the microphone is right there in-line.

So next up in the Polk line is the Polk 3000's. With these we're back to the in-ear technology so you get that adjustable fit. It's got a smaller tip so they're gonna really fit way down in your ear and they have advanced driver technology. So what does that mean? It means they're gonna play really loud. And what I also like about these is it has an adjustable cord. You have two options. You've got one that's a longer cord that has your volume controls and your in-line mic and all that, but there's a second cord which is shorter which is awesome because if you have your iPod up on your arm then you don't have cord and cables hanging down all over yourself, which works good for me. And so when I used these I was actually able to improve my time by a whole minute. Coincidence? I think not.

So if you have any questions about the Polk UltraFit headphones or any of our other products, just give us a call.

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