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Video: Samsung Shape wireless speakers

With Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi®

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The compact Samsung Shape wireless speakers let you enjoy your music many different ways. By themselves, the Shape speakers make a great system for your den or office. You can stream music wirelessly to them from your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet. With multiple Shape speakers and the Samsung Shape WAM250 Wireless Audio Hub, you can easily create a wireless multi-room audio system.

Video Transcript

Logan: I'm at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show with Scott from Samsung. He's gonna share a little bit about their new wireless multi-room audio system.

Scott: Yeah, the multi-room wireless audio system is called Shape for Samsung. One, because of its unique triangle, or wedge shape, and two, because music shapes your life. The way this system works is you purchase speakers. You can purchase as many speakers as you want. And they are Wi-Fi, so you just need to plug them in for electricity.

You do not need to run any speaker cable. Then you download an app, either on your Galaxy or Android product or IOS, which is Apple, and once you have the app you can play your music throughout your whole home. You can choose to have different music in each room or you can have the same music playing in all rooms, so it's really, really exciting.

Samsung has introduced something called Drag and Play where if there is a song playing already and you're interested in moving it maybe to the kitchen where you may have a speaker, you just hold it down and then drag it over to the kitchen speaker, making the experience or the usability of the app just more seamless and more intuitive so that our customers can get the content quickly where they want.

Now, some other features in the Samsung Shape speaker system is we offered Bluetooth. Not every customer's gonna be where they have Wi-Fi. Some customers may want this speaker as a stand-alone, so having Bluetooth means any tablet, any phone, will be able to just sync right up. We even put NFC so it makes it easier for a customer to sync up their phone.

Now Samsung's a big TV company so we can't forget about our TVs. We've added SoundShare. SoundShare is a way for our TVs with Bluetooth to wirelessly send the TV sound to your speaker. This allows you to use that Shape speaker as like a center channel or maybe in a bedroom you put the speaker on a night table so you don't have to have the TV blaring late at night.

So very exciting — we're also using dual-band to cut down on the interference and expand the range of the speaker. So very exciting about the Shape speaker and one of my favorite things: it is completely wireless except for electricity, and if you put two in a room you can actually select left and right and have stereo sound.

Logan: A very versatile system.

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