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Video: Sennheiser HD 700 Headphones

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Sennheiser's HD 700 headphones are a high-end set, offering pristine sound quality and extreme comfort..

Video Transcript

Hi. Eric with Sennheiser. I'm here at Crutchfield talking audiophile headphones. And we're here to take a closer look at the brand new HD 700.

The HD 700 is an open-air audiophile headphone designed to utilize and get the most out of your high-definition audio and video sources. If you want to get as close to your music as possible, this is the way to do it. It's got a ported design that allows sound waves to expand and contract, and thus the representation of the sound is much like sitting in a pair of, a set of finely-tuned loudspeakers.

Now the HD 700 also features a ventilated magnet system. This ventilated magnet system manages airflow away from the back side of the transducer, and away from the magnet. Thus, it prevents turbulence from occurring within the ear cavity.

The frame is of special note as well. This headphone frame is a vibration-damping design. There's several different layers of materials designed to act as a shock absorber. When the transducer reproduces sound, there are vibrations that are occurring, but stopping at the headband. It prevents cross-talk between the two ear cups.

The sound of the HD 700 — warm, balanced, punchy, but still very razor-sharp in terms of detail. The soundstage is very wide as well, thanks to the angled transducers. If you'll notice the ear cups, inside of them is a transducer and that is tilted at a slight angle. What that does is it mimics sitting in front of a set of loudspeakers, so you get a very nice spatial response and wide stereo image.

The cable itself is detachable making for easy detangling but also upgrades and exchanges. And there's a ten-foot lead that terminates into a ¼" plug. This is great to connect into an A/V receiver or dedicated headphone amplifier. The transducer on the HD 700 is also very easy to drive. It's a 150 ohm impedance rating, so you can get ample volume and accuracy out of an A/V receiver or the aforementioned dedicated headphone amplifier. It all fits inside this deluxe storage box to protect the headphones when not in use.

So there you have it, the HD 700, available from Crutchfield. Thanks for checking it out.

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