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Video: Sennheiser Mobile Music Series headphones

Most of the people appearing in our videos are employees at Crutchfield. We pull in folks from around the company to share their expertise. A lot of our on-camera stars come from our Advisor Group — they help people choose the right gear via phone, email and chat every day, so they're good at explaining the products and technologies.

Eric Palonen from Sennheiser was at Crutchfield for a training, and showed us the Sennheiser Mobile Music series headphones.

Video Transcript

Eric: Hi. Eric with Sennheiser. I'm here at Crutchfield and we're educating some of the industries' best and brightest on our Mobile Music Series. There are four products that cover the entire range of mobility and lifestyle products, starting with the MM 100, MM 400, MM 450, and MM 550. Let's talk about them.

The MM 100 is the ideal companion for a smart phone. This is a Bluetooth neckband headphone with full fidelity, full range stereo sound. You can control your playlist, answer and end calls, regulate volume, all from the earcup — very lightweight, very simple. And of course, Sennheiser sound quality with a two year warranty.

The MM 400 is a collapsible on the ear headphone with Bluetooth functionality built-in. It collapses to about the size of a pair of eyeglasses — very portable. It can charge via USB with this port here on the bottom. Of course, you can charge it in a wall outlet and it does come with multi-county travel adapters so you can use this anywhere in the world. Of course, Sennheiser sound and fidelity with the capability to go Bluetooth — a fantastic option for a traveler.

For those who travel and spend a lot of time on planes and trains, you'll want to check out the MM 450. It features the same acoustics as our MM 400 here but with the addition of NoiseGard 2.0. NoiseGard 2.0 is going to listen to the very low frequency noise in an airplane cabin or train or bus and eliminate it. You can use it wired or wirelessly, and it features Bluetooth 2.0. You can also take a phone conversation with the same headset. It features the same navigation capabilities as the MM 400 — track skip, start, stop, volume up and down — so you can control your playlist or your mobile phone all from the earcup. It also features a talk-through function. When NoiseGard is engaged you can press the button one time, it'll activate external microphones so you can hear what's going on around you without ever taking the headphones off of your head.

For those who do not like an on-the-ear pad or prefer something a little bit larger, we have the MM 550 as an option. The MM 550 features the same Bluetooth functionality and noise canceling as the MM 450, but with a larger size earpad. Let's hold up both next to each other so you can get a comparison. It does fold up just like its counterparts so it's a nice compact package that fits easily in any kind of laptop or travel bag. The MM 550 adds one extra feature — SRS WOW HD. When using SRS WOW HD, you'll add a little bit of spice, a little bit of sugar and sweetness to the sound. This is great for older albums or songs that you have in your playlist that may be lacking a little bit of fidelity or excitement because of compression or perhaps just the simple fact that they were recorded long ago before modern recording techniques came into play.

So here you have four options in varying levels of functionality for use with your connected device including tablets, smart phones, laptops, and PCs. Thanks for watching.

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